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    About to leave for work right now but do me a favor and send KOX KingOfXbox4 a text message on xbl and ill add you. Would be easier for me thanks and I will be playing beta non stop from as soon as i get my beta code until it ends.
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    V.M.R_JaRuTo's Avatar Senior Member
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    I would like to have the console... So jealous.
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    Looking for ps3 squad!

    Hey Im a youtube commentator and more importantly a good gamer on PS3. If and only if you have a good headset contact me.. I really wanna make a beast squad so that we can dominate online..

    PSN and CaptinRoundHous3

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    I'll join ya once beta works properly, have a turtle beach headset, cant find any games right now though.

    <------ PSN Name
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    I too will join you. I have turtle beach headset also.
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    ok well hit me up on my ps3 name and i will add you.. I only play with adults NO KIDS
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    Looking for people to lay the BETA with

    Excuse my spelling I meant play not lay I also have 2 codes left
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    Looking for a party who play objective and communicate!

    If any player is serious about objectives and communication. We should party up.

    Add me and we can party up on Xbox

    My GT is : Frenchy NZ
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    Add me, but i'm playing on Sunday.
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    I would gladly, but I keep hearing about parties being split up in lobbies...
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