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    Fanaticism Gaming Recruiting 3.0+ KDR players. Need Mic / Mumble

    Fanaticism Gaming is recruiting for when GRO go's Live. A few of us are already in closed Beta as well.

    http://www.fanaticismgaming.com/ Check the Ghost Recon section of the website

    The requirements are pretty straight forward. Have a 3.0+ KDR, a Mic, Mumble, and a positive attitude. We need assaults and supports!

    Many of us have Counter Strike backgrounds and take our FPS pretty seriously, so if this sounds up your alley feel free to Email us at FanaticismGaming@Gmail.com
    Or swing by the website

    - Roxx (IGN - Roxxen)
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    Still recruiting, looking for the best of the best.

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    As fun as it sounds (i think) a KDR of 3.0 is insane. I think (and please read that this is just my thought) that having a 3.0 ratio is either achieved by noobhunting. Any well known tactical player has a bit of map awareness and any fireteam that is working together knows where their teammates are being killed. Nice video on the 50+ kills in a round. Those people that you played against had totally no coordination. Could not aim or were not well known with the game. Either way, nice kills though.
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