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    Following the rules

    I think it's an awsome thing, speaking of the chessmaster computer games! I presently play the chessmaster 10th edition. My problem with the game is if you set the time limits to be one move every so many minutes, the game does not follow the time limits that have been agreed upon. This is really cheating! If the times you want to play are not acceptable the game should let you know before you start to play. Therefore all games that i play and the game goes over its allowed minutes to make its move that i lose i count them as wins. I just wish you could appeal your greIvances at the time this occurs in the game. Otherwise it's a pretty good game.
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    I believe you're misundertanding the time controls. If you set the time controls to be 1 move per minute, that means you have 1 minute to make 1 move. If you can make more than 1 move per minute, it's perfectly acceptable to do so.
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