Hello everyone i'm one of the participants in the GRO beta community, i have been playing the game for almost 40hours and i wanted to share somethings to all the players out there including the newbies and the oldies.(+SECRET for getting early RP)


1. Classes: There are 3 classes in this game. Each class is well balanced, and it takes at least to get level 5 for to get the real feeling of the game.
Assault is a class that is a lot like a high health, medium damage class that focuses on being on the front lines, charging in players and suppressing the enemy team from moving. The level 2 abilities for these class is Blitz(the shield) and Heat(the cool thingy). The Blitz is more useless than the Heat, cause even if you charge with the Blitz you can be killed or someone could deal damage to you and it doesn't last that long, remember that after you hit someone he is not dead, you need to press F again to deactivate it and kill him with your own weapon. The Heat is a much more useful ability that is good for the whole team and bad for the enemy team. It deals damage to enemy players that are not in cover and shakes their screen like Shakira does with her ****, and forces them to get into cover, even if they are in cover they can't shoot from it. Its good to use it, when your team needs to move forward or capture/defend a point. The weapons of the assault, assault rifles deals medium damage, high fire rate, but a lot of recoil so you need to focus on the assault rifles to build them with less recoil, more accuracy and more bullets. The shotguns are high damage but low fire rate and low range weapons. If you are close to an enemy you will be able to do damage, otherwise don't waste your bullets, you need to be in 10meters at least to do some damage. So first rule with assault is rush in from start, get into cover and immobilize the enemy team.
Recon is a class that is with low health, high damage that focuses on being behind the lines(sometimes behind enemy lines NOTEnly recons with sub-machine guns will be effective behind enemy lines) and sniping and killing other enemy players with caution. First ability is the Cloak(the most useless ability in this game) and second one is Oracle(the most useful ability in this game). Cloak is certainly the most used ability in this game, but does it work? Maybe is cause i have a monster PC and graphics are High that i can see every enemy that is cloaked without Oracle, or maybe cause the game developers messed it up. You can cloak your self, aka camouflage and move, shoot everything in a time period. The point of cloak is to mirage yourself with the environment around you and be able to be not seen. So if you are on a good distance without moving and you sniping it would work, but running around also being spotted by Oracle(yes Oracle can spot cloak enemies) won't do you good. Oracle on the other hand is the best ability in the game, it lets you scan and detect hidden enemies, cloaked enemies, sorry every enemy in the game within range. It says it penetrates through walls, actually the scan does NOT THE BULLETS. Its most effective and with a good team you can easily outsmart the enemy. About the rifles, sniper rifles are very accurate, the only problem with them is the handling(yes in some weapons handling is bad), when you try to build a sniper try focusing on less handling more accuracy, also good bullets boost will help you out in one shot kills. Sub-machine guns on the other hand need more handling better fire-rate and more accuracy.
Specialist is a class that is more of a team player class unlike the Recon. Medium health, medium damage and good range. They focus on supporting the team, bu suppresing fire with light-machine guns and abilities that can turn the whole game around. The first one is Aegis( a surrounding shield that you and you team players could use to get in with you and you carry them around the map). It is charged by F and released by F. It can sustain any damage on the outside, but if an enemy player gets in the shield or a timed grenade you can be hurt or even dead and the shield will stop working. Always use the shield to move forward, not backwards or passive stance. the other is the blackout, it also does charge by F and releases by F. It creates an EMP blast radius that fries anyone's screen and also ends their abilities, but they have to be in the blast radius. Its used to just immobilize the enemy and kill them quickly afterwards, other way its just noneffective use of the ability. Make sure when going trying to use an ability of these 2 have a good team to support you in the Aegis and the Blackout use. Otherwise you fail to understand the class itself. About the weapons, light-machine guns as in every game medium damage, good range and awesome fire rate also good range, good for supporting the team and suppressing the enemy, bad if you think you can kill someone from long distance cause the bullets scramble after 30-40 meters. Their shotguns same as assault.

2. Gameplay: As you already know its kinda familiar as Splinter Cell: Conviction, you have the covering system(best shots and accuracy come from laying down aka Ctrl ****on), you can sprint, you can jump on objects or over them but you can't jump as in Assassins Creed or other games. It's a beta, there are tons of bugs with the covering, sliding etc. A good thing is the virtual string system that lets you know the players that are close to you, where they are. Nothing much to say here, just play the game and be amazed how much bugs you will encounter

3. Xp and Rp system(note: this is only my opinion since none of the team that made this game explained how does it work). In my opinion and playing this game for a while i have noticed that the longer the match goes the more experience and requisition points you get. Also there are some players including me that think that more RP will be rewarded if you get more kills and less deaths. Maybe someone reading this forum will give us the explanation of the XP and RP system since ubisoft support didn't. Try to get first wins of the day, complete daily missions and events to get more than you do by end of matches. SECRET: i have discovered that while you are reaching levels with any class the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level rewards are 1000 RP, so even if you focus on one of the three classes try to get the other ones to level 5 so you can have more RP.


1. Fireteam: A perfect fireteam is build with one Recon, one Specialist and two Assault classes. That is the meta game of the fireteam, cause they are balanced. Im not saying that you cant form other fireteams(go 4 Recons if you want to), but the most effective fireteam is the one above. ALSO REMEMBER THIS VOICE COMMS ARE AWESOME, even if you are not in a fireteam if you have a mic or headphones speak to the team/squad your in, share enemy infol with each other and you will be more effective than them.

2.Capturing Points: so here is the deal between you team and enemy. If no one is on the point the point remains passive. In the upper right corner on the in-game screen you can see if someone is capturing it(either someone from your squad or enemy squad). If you or someone else from your team is on the point it starts to get captured or recaptured, doesn't matter my point was if an enemy player gets there the point will remain passive. You will need to be 2 to remain capturing otherwise it will remain as it was. If you die the enemy will start capturing it. Also goes for defending points. So the team that has one more player than the team in the capturing area is the one that is capturing it. If a point has been captured by your team or enemy there will be over time of 120sec or 2min.

3.Core of the game: It's a team game, don't try to show off to anyone if you have good kill score like 22/2, cause you are just a gun in the game that way, this is a team game and the squad needs a team player not just a gun who can shoot and kill, but not help his team or not help in capturing points.To be exact this is a team game, kills don't win the game, but captured points do(or defended), also score doesn't win the game, but a good teamplay does(from personal experiences i am Recon and i don't make a bunch of kills nor do i die a lot, i scan with oracle and shoot with my sniper also mark enemy players with it and help my team out and that WINS the game, not a happy trigger idiot who can just kill, be selfish and rush into others). I think i made my point, more or less its a well balanced game and good for teamwork.

4. Buying: sorry for here but this beta is released from not a long time ago and everyone is asking what to buy, how to customize it. We are experimenting with it so i don't want to give you my personal opinion on what to buy and how to customize it cause im still new and everyone else is. So good luck with it, maybe when the Open Beta starts i will be able to give you some info.

Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed it and remember ONLY THE DEAD FIGHT FAIR, GOOD TEAMWORK LEADS TO VICTORY