Hello everybody.
First an important update as of this day: After I turned the Internet upside down and inside out I was finally able to find an archived version of the community manual here:


As you can see, that's an archived page so I suggest you save it on your computer like I did for nobody knows when it will disappear. All the other links provided in this forum (and not only) about the community manual are long dead.
That said, I have few very important issues with SH3, hope you can help:

Please, provide recent, working links to a patch that has proven good and healthy. I totally rely on you as to which version is best. Or, if not a patch, at least some tools and means of modifying some files accordingly. I've been playing the original unpatched version and it starts to annoy me big time as bugs are one too many:

* Supercharger and improved batteries NOT working after you load an in-mission save. That I can tell, and maybe other upgrades are disregarded too, I don't know.
* Crush depth of ALL subs in single mission absolutely the same and equals (I guess) the one of your current career sub. I tried each and every sub in single mission, from IIA to XXI. Made the most subtle and gentle dive ever made, at 1 knot, no hurry! And guess what - ALL subs have the same depth meter ranges. ALL of them gave me warning at 160m. And, with the exception of XXI which gave up at ~220m, ALL of them crushed at 180-185m. Now these are the depth figures of my current VIIC in career, March'42. And I know some of them "ladies" COULD go deeper than 180! That's just wrong.
* Repair times are supernatural. I remember in SH2 fixing stuff for days and here they twist the wrench for a couple of minutes and there ya go, good as new!
* Crew members are restless after that round octagonal medal, think it was German cross in gold. That is cool, but not realistic. I understand morale and everything, but please...
* 80% of my mission time is in storm, regardless season or location. Come on, they didn't have that much storm even in "Das Boot"!
* Worse yet, often it won't allow me to arm the deck gun in dead calm sea, saying it was storm. And it's not!
* Sometimes ships' endurance is beyond. 4 fishes for a small merchant!?! Dafuq is that ship?
* XXI's batteries' range and recharge time have nothing to do with reality.

And finally, when and where do VII-C/42 and IX-D2 appear? So far, I've only seen them in the manuals (including the community one) regarding technical characteristics. Nowhere in the timeline of flotillas, nowhere to be found, nothing. To a point where I doubt if they are for real in this game, or just put in the manuals for more eye candy.

Thanks for your attention and I really, really would be glad if someone replied to that post.