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    Please auto detect completed quest

    hi admin,

    I invaded 100% of my farm, somehow, there are mission pop up to asked me expand land in farm, build those building like veggie stand in farm which i actually fully invaded.
    Can you please set the quest auto detect on those mission already done?
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    Xhane's Avatar Player Experience Manager
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    Please let us know your FB ID or link to FB Profile so we can look into your issue!
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    It's okay. This bug too annoying so I decided not to continue this game anymore.
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    Hello again wax66hk,

    We are very sorry to hear that! We will miss you! If you gave us your Facebook link / ID our developers could've fixed your problem.

    If you change your mind, just let us know your Facebook profile link / ID and we will make sure to find a solution to your problem!

    Thank you!
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