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    lagging in game

    hi im sure people have posted this and i apologise. im having issues with in game lag and that is just in skirmish mode... i played the game yesterday and i had non of these problems yesterday. why do i need to even be connected in the first place i dont wish to play online!? i know its not my internet connection or my desktop computer. i've asked for advice in the mentor chat but i never receive a reply.
    can any1 give me any advice on how to solve this issue thanks
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    We are connected if want to play. That is just the way it is. No hint yet that this will ever be changed. I may not have liked it at first but now I find it adds a certain edge to my games, just knowing there's others out there.

    If there are actually any mentors out there, they probably wouldn't repond to technical questions. I think that is just for help on gameplay, strategy, etc.

    So if you didn't have problems yesterday, maybe it is not your problem but a problem with the servers or your isp. I probably can't help with a technical problem except to say there may be some settings for your graphics card that would help. Some info on your OS and graphics card might be helpful to anyone trying to help.

    In the old forums, we used to be able to search for a term like "lagging" and get a meaningful response. Now, not so much. I do not like these new improved forums.
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