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    SC Conviction PC problem

    Hi! I have a problem with Splinter Cell Conviction for PC. Well, when I play the game, it gets slowly sometimes and the game stops working sometimes.When the game stops working I can't do anything with the computer.All I can do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then the game continues working. What can I do? My computer meets the requirements of the game by far.

    Thank you and sorry about my english.
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    Hello NakedSnake857... whenever you're giving information for troubleshooting purposes, it's important to give as much hardware/software details as possible to assist in trying to define the problem/issue (see without this information it's next to impossible to troubleshoot; but I will give it a shot. After reading your post, my first thought is that your system does not meet the requirements,2069 but you mentioned "My computer meets the requirements of the game by far", so I will assume that you have verified this and rule this out as a possibility. You mentioned "All I can do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then the game continues working", but you didn't say what you do after the CTRL+ALT+DEL... do you end a task/process/service or do you restart/reboot? You also mentioned "it gets slowly sometimes and the game stops working"... there are a few reasons (that I can think of) why this might occur:

    1. Splinter Cell Conviction ports in your router and/or firewall have not been opened If you don't have your ports open in router and firewall (or any other programs that could be blocking/monitoring ports) you will never be able to play Splinter Cell Conviction multiplayer on-line successfully... look to this thread for assistance
    2. There is a program on your PC that is monitoring/scanning/blocking incoming/outgoing traffic... disable (temporarily) any and all Internet Security programs
    3. Your internet throughput is bottle-necking due to other programs tying-up the bandwidth... disable/exit all programs that are accessing the internet (torrent downloads, firewall/security, chat/talk programs etc.)
    4. There is a TSR (terminate stay-resident) application/program running in the Windows background that is in direct conflict with Splinter Cell Conviction... disable/exit all TSR programs by doing a CTRL+ALT+DEL and Start Task Manager; then right-click/end all applications/processes that are not in use or that could be conflicting with Splinter Cell Conviction.

    Unfortunately there is something on your PC end that's making your PC/game freeze. If after you've double-checked your PC (with the aforementioned) and your PC/game still freezes, then I suggest you contact Ubisoft Support

    Good luck.
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    Thank you Green.Hornet... Well, i will give the information you are requesting:
    My computer has an Intel Core i3 with 3.10 GHz, a Nvidia GeForce GT 440 1024 MB GDDR5, 4 GB of RAM, and Windows 7 32-bits. But the 32-bits version of windows 7 reduces my RAM from 4 GB to 3 GB.
    When i push Ctrl + Atl + Del, I select the option Cancel to exit.

    I'm going to try all the things you say, and i will se what happen.
    Thank you, and sorry about my english.
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