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    Profile / Campaign


    I created a profile with a female character, and have played the campaign up until the last level. Is there anyway to replay the campaign with a different character now? I changed the name, I change the gender from female to male, I used a different portrait and a different role, but if I click on 'Campaign' it still shows Princess Zoe and the previous campaign progress, and if I start one of the missions, all of the videos and voice overs are related to the female princess zoe, and not to the male character I'm using now.

    Am I missing something? Or is my profile now locked to the gender/portrait I initially chose?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I don`t think you can change the character part way through a campaign, you have to complete the camapaign the same character as you started I think because the animations and transitions are tailored to the character you start with. I think you can change character but will have to restart the campaign from the beginning not part way through.
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    I think the first campaign is going to be Pricess Zoe no matter what you do. Once you are done with the campaign (which is really a tutorial) and start playing skirmish, multiplayer or Empire games you will be the profile you choose.

    If you play "The Chronicles of Tandria", I think you take on different profiles as suits the storyline.
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