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    weapons crates and using different weapons

    I have a couple of questions regarding weapons crates. 1. how many different guns can be stored in a weapons crate? In other words can I have an ak-47 and usas-12 in the same crate and exchange either one with a primary weapon that I am carrying? 2. related to the first, if I store my only primary weapon in an empty primary weapons crate then I no longer have a primary weapon because I have nothing to exchange it with, until I find or buy another one...which leaves me vulnerable. How do people deal with this situation?
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    You can store only one weapon in a crate. As for your second Q. If for example you have an Mac-10 in your possession, you can store that in a crate and then walk over to the wall and grab another (provided you have purchased one and not just picked it up off the ground). In fact, if you like you can then grab another and then another and then another until you are up to your armpits in Mac-10s. However you can only have one at a time. Well actually two, if you count the one you just put in the crate.
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    They just do not want to buy anything Forty5-Seventy. Everything has to be free like picking up the mercs weapons, then they complain. After 108 FC2 games I quit. Went to another publisher. See ya.
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    Never pick up a weapon, not even a buddy's weapon, waste of time. You get what you pay for. When I start a new game I go walkabout around the map edges and always end up with over 45 diamonds, get the camo suit then go on cell phone missions and weapon shop missions. In no time at all I am loaded for action with 100% reliable weapons and ready to go call on the factions. Also get FC2 Future Edition, nice free weapons in the weapon shop at Mike's Bar. The crossbow is a bugger!!
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