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    Email bonus- invalid url

    I received 2 emails today, thanking me for being a closed beta tester... and was given a bonus, BUT... when you click on the redeem b utton on it, goes to a blank page saying invalid url....Looks like a bundle of money, a battery ( energy?) and a can that says Capsule on it... am I now not going to get these items or how will this be fixed.
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    Thank you! We'll look into this!
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    I received an email offering a full energy refill...when I clicked the link..............invalid code
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    Found this thread when searching for help, having had the same problem with a couple of emails I received (probably the same ones), and think I've discovered the problem. Having clicked on the links again today (don't know what I thought might have changed), I noticed "%20" at the end of both addresses: if you delete it, the links seem to work; albeit too late to fill in the survey & get the GRFS theme
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    Thank you for your note. Sorry to anyone who had problems.
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    Well at least you all are getting the emails...my husband also plays the game, today he got a free panacea pill...and I still have gotten nothing.
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    If you believe you have not received anything that you should have received, please send a request to Support using the information at the following link: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support .

    House MD Team
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