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    london media day q&a by monkie

    EDIT:- 01MAY2012
    Welcome to my Q&A thread where I was lucky to be selected to play GRFS MP beta prior to it's launch at a special event in London on the 16th April 2012. When there I was able to ask Red Storm Entertainment (people who made the game) questions from the community, These interviews are included in this thread some as video and transcripts also (see below).

    If your late to the thread and haven't played the beta, don't worry, I am currently pulling all relevant posts into the first page so you can catch up prior to game launch. also if your a regular this will hopefully pull things into one area for you to access also.

    If you have comments about this thread from the BETA perspective please feed that back to the beta feedback forum, Thanks

    Original post
    Ok sorry I haven't posted up to now but I just boarded the train to go home. It has been a trying day. I will focus on short answers to community question.

    Ultimately I will flesh out the responses and so some will get moved as I organise what was said.

    I tried my best , I went full recon.

    Hopefully between me and the other attendees, we can give answers to you.
    EDIT 05may2012:- please also read the other london thread http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/667236-GRFS-London-Community-Day-Your-questions-answered

    Many of the questions and themes i asked questions on came from these two threads (I am sure the other london thread was the same) and if you the time you will find the questions and comments/opinions interesting, but it will take you a while!
    I will cite the question. by whom and the post number I know many have contributed If I get the chance I will credit multiple users as I did create a big spreeedsheet. however I haven't cross correlated multiple users of the same question. MP (indicates MP q&a thread question) it should be noted I will edit these first few responses over the coming days as I have a fair amount on transcriptions to do from audio to your questions.

    SO to kick off
    system backend

    Does Future Soldier still run at 60FPS on console? (Strider2K99 MP@) :- No for consoles, unknown for pc
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    Game Modes
    Single player modes:- Has the campaign, when playing alone you can enable stereoscopic support (3d) on supported devices.

    Co-op:- Again has campaign (online, no 3d support, no splitscreen) and Guerilla Mode (4-player Hode mode, 2 player split screen).
    for more info on Guerilla please see

    Player Vs Player or Competative
    Ranked matches (6 vrs 6)
    features 4 modes all OBJECTIVE based. So if you are coming from games which have TDM you should be advised kills alone don't win matches. Also the scoring system rewards team-play by supporting actions and intel loop. (Wanna know why only 6vrs 6 see the video on the next post to hear lead level designer give his answer!)
    The modes are
    1) Conflict:-
    2) Saboteur:- Plant a bomb
    3) Seige:-

    Player matches (unranked), player configurations to any number Not totaling more than 12 players so 4, vrs 8 is possible, minimum number to start room = 2 players)
    Same modes as above, however if your coming from legacy games of GR series you currently don't have all the options you did on older titles. You do get all weapons and attachments from the get go for your room.

    Game Configuration options
    (here's the bad news)
    Can you limit and/or disable respawn's?(MeanMF MP@8) NO

    Will there be a gametype editor for Xbox 360?(PALADIN_BS MP@3) NO

    Can you disable the cloak for the whole room?(MeanMF MP@8) NO

    Can you disable regenerating health for the whole room?(MeanMF MP@8) NO

    Can you disable specific weapons/weapon attachments (launchers, etc) for the whole room?(MeanMF MP@8) NO

    Will there be options to disable drones, HUD elements and weapons configs in match settings like graw?(MonkieMurdie MP@29) NO

    Can the cover mode be disabled in private matches?(PALADIN_BS MP@106) NO

    Will private match parameters be user configurable?(ltherond MP@174) eh no!

    Will you be able to limit lives in a private game? (AI.BLUEFOX MP@228) NO

    Can you disable radar/minimap for the whole room?(MeanMF MP@8) NO

    EDIT 01May2012
    taken form the post here to follow up on this.
    Originally Posted by JaRuTo Go to original post
    People from Red Storm consider adding the hardcore mode for the most demanding players, Monkie?
    Can't say I know for sure, I got the vibe from the team that they are focusing a massive amount of their efforts on the current 10 maps and 4 modes, they seem to be under a tight deadline and want the experience for CORE gameplay to be polished as can be! There has been a refocusing on the project since 2010 footage that was confirmed to me! consequently this has compressed the timelines on the PVP.

    They are very much committed to delivering the core mechanics of the game at the moment, getting that right to their design principals prior to launch is very much there main goal at this time. That's why I said in earlier post about the beta feedback and maybe they might unlock some more maps (that's my comment NOT theirs!).

    However post launch when the games core mechanics are good, they seemed receptive to community feedback and depending on the reception of the game and volume of players and Ubi (upper management budget I guess, again my comment NOT red storms) they would like to expand the game post launch if opportunity presents itself (red storm indicated).

    Remember I wanted to talk about fact for the moment, but since alot of you on the forum are posting about config. lobbies and hardcore and my thread was kinda a downer for you when I first put it up. I thought I should make comment now, BUT these changes are far from certain. just the vibe I got talking to them.

    Here's a step towards a good result which you can be part of!
    Since putting this up the community have responded with calls for the inclusion of this post release. I think if your serious in joining this (even if you have only ever been a lurker) then I suggest sign up and reply to this thread WHICH I have also answered yes to as well! I don't mean to belittle all the other threads on the subject I just feel this thread has the biggest movement at the moment on this subject. (UNFORTUNATLEY bluefox has created the exact same thread twice in two diffrent forums so I suggest you reply in both forum threads)
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    DEDICATED SERVERS on console? NO

    dynamic host migration? yes details to follow

    Will there be LAN functionality?(Rufeezo MP@240) :- Yes

    Will there be a minimum player cap for private matches? I hate when some games enforce a minimum player count above 2 because a friend and I like to explore the maps at our own pace, without having to deal with the chaos of a full room. It's not like boosting will be an issue because there is no way to gain xp in private matches. (B3ANTOWN_B3A5T MP@334) :- Yes (2) in player match rank unsure (question defered)

    Will you get anything IN GAME from playing the beta? Like a special gun or avatar item or something like that?(Jorby_4 MP@18) :- NO, but if you play and feedback on the beta you get a badge for the forum avatar. please see here

    If there is one thing graw2 done really well was lighting and weather conditions on select and some configurable maps will this be retained in GRFS and/or expanded to all MP maps?(MonkieMurdie MP@29) :- As a configurable like graw 2, No. maps have been designed from the start with there operational conditions

    EDIT 01May2011
    Here is the second video taken from this post. It features Evan Champlin lead level designer of grfs mp. The footage in the video is of two upcoming maps "Sandstorm" and "Underground".
    I asked Evan about the decision of 6v6, environmental art and effects and destructible environments.
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    Same request as the other thread: a detailed explanation of the multiplayer leveling system.
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    EDIT 01May2012 Tommy Jacobs (MP Creative Director) VIDEO interview about gunsmith and levelling taken from this post
    video features upcoming map of "Rig" and the map selection screen.

    EDIT 17apr2012 Tommy Jacobs interview TRANSCRIPT (should you wanna quote the video) about gunsmith and levelling add on this post on this thread.

    MM:- Can you play as a woman in the game?
    Shaun:- NO, there are no female character models in the game!

    Community design questions put to RSE.
    Q)MM to TJ:- the community early reaction to the point weapon system and finding out they can't buy all attachments is baffling, why create a gunsmith they restrict the amount of unlocks on the weapon? is it tactical? is it to increase re-playability?
    A):- EDIT 01May2012 see Tommy Jacobs video or read the transcript (from the links above) to here the answer for this question.

    Still here one you paladin and meanMF, dedicated if you like! (taken from this post.)
    Q) I asked Tommy Jacob "you know fans from the forum are looking for a barebones experience, and ghost recon is ten years I think?

    TJ: yes 10 years this year.

    MM: have you ever considered a anniversary edition available for arcade/psn to show gamers where gr came from either this year or for the next gen console? You can answer no comment if you like!

    A) TJ: You would need to ask ubi it's not something I would know about..."

    can you throw hand grenades, flash, smoke or is it launcher only?is there a quick deploy of hand grenades, smoke and flashbangs? or is it very similar to graw system?(MonkieMurdie MP@45) :- yes to all hand and the grenade action is fast, though I am not sure if u can pickle

    Ganeplay (Drone)
    Can you hijack the enemy drone or shoot it down?(MonkieMurdie MP@53) :- NO for hijack, yes to shoot it down via ammo rounds or EMP burst (proximity detonation, doesn't need to be right on) grenade launcher

    Here is a video with Josh Parker talking about tactical uses of the EMP and Drone balancing and types coupled with a lo-res preview of market

    Will the drone be able spot players who are actively using the camo since from gameplay video it appears to be using a FLIR vision?(soyELcuco MP@102) :- No, EDIT 05May2012 if they are moving then yes, but once the active camo goes on it no longer highlights for the team within the intel loop, but the person using the uav can see them and callout the location even using the RB to drop a green marker on there location.

    Does anyone know if the UAV that can kill people is in MP and how it's balanced? (Hortey MP@260) :- to follow

    Gameplay (dynamics)
    will there be a spot mechanic?(sladezerox MP@58) :- right bumper

    Is the suppression mechanics going to be something we will see in the SP? Or is it exclusive to the MP?(soyELcuco MP@109) :- Yes it's in both

    can I plant C4 charge on a drone or is it integrated into drones? are these remote or proximity detonated?(MonkieMurdie MP@45) :- No to planting details to follow

    Will intel hacks of the opposing team give me positions of all players including the ones actively using the camo?(soyELcuco MP@102) :- NO, active camo will not show I believe

    do you show up on the mini-map when you fire an unsuppressed weapon?(Hortey MP@268) :- Kinda, it's more of a area location rather than a precise location
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    EDIT 01MAY2012
    here is the interview with Eric Couzian (Campagin creative director)

    from two post later in this thread here and here (no need to click they are below)

    MM: so obviously we have seen from, I started my online play with graw coop campaign. It's a very much loved 16 player experience and there is a lot questions asking why are we restricting to four.
    The 16 player legacy to me looking at now with the old game was a lot of people mostly doing individual actions and when you had very good players on the 16 rooms, the maps where a walk over, we would finish some maps in 4 minutes from top to bottom, because we all knew where the enemy where at, it was very static in terms of enemy placements. So you have now gone with a new route which is a four player heavily involving a intel loop, was that something even from day 1 you decided to do? Even knowing that the 16 player was very popular.

    EC: actually why we have 4 player there are many reasons. Firstly was, authenticity, now in special forces, most of the time they try to have small squads. The less they are the more invisible they become. For them it's very important.

    MM: so a fireteam

    EC: yes, so for authenticity, it,s also very interesting in terms of gameplay. Because the more you add players because the game system of the game, The more difficult it is.

    You can sum up the game design by three kind of mechanics
    1) the physical mechanics, are you skilled in aiming and pressing the ****on at the right moment.
    2) the mental mechanics, about thinking and getting (intel) and so on.
    3) social mechanics, are you able to co-ordinate, deal with/lead the people convince them. Actually having four guys in the team, means most of the mechanics are about social.

    Are you able to co-ordinate? It's easy to say that, but who will take the lead to say now is the time to take the shot.

    MM: I seen a interview recently with a member I presume is from French team. He was saying that it is now much more difficult to take human players than ai because the ai is better because that synchronization of players is so much more difficult, and I guess that is what you are eluding too. Since getting a cohesive voice in larger rooms and executing the shot so not triggering the alert status is more challenging with the intel loop.

    (I get distracted and follow onto the next question without waiting for a response, sorry)

    People are also commenting on the size of the maps and the funneling of people off, but we have only really seen from the Zambia footage one way through that map (Eric smiles, I think he knows the community had asked for the alternate route footage). The forums are concerned that we have sacrificed what was a large open map which is more destructible but might have less tactical choices. Do you have any comment to make on that statement?

    EC: actually on that map this is the same mission you are talking about, because it's the second mission of the game. We are still teaching the player how to play. That's the reason this level is less open.

    Mm: one thing I loved about that map was the fact that civilians are on that map. Most games have them as running past or in the distance, but not involved in active play. Can we kill them? Because tactical gamers are now looking for complexity in situations. We know what is right and what is wrong, and for a company to make on a moral decision from that pr/commercial point of view in not allowing that seems wrong for me as a tactical shooter fan.

    EC: you will have it

    Mm: great!

    (so excited about this I rant off about perfect missions, elevated risk, leaderboards, civilian complexity, scc ai vrs graw ai, for a couple of minutes, sorry just to excited)

    EC: those are many many issues

    MM: sorry I will let you now rant off showing the best of your product which you have been making for five years!

    EC: the first thing you where talking about, was civilians, actually they have there own ai. They are completely autominous. It is something that I really wanted, WE wanted.

    I worked on the previous ghost recon, it was something we where thinking was missing. When you watch television and you see all the modern conflicts. Civilians are always involved!

    Because of our contacts from navy seals and special forces the first thing they where teaching us was how to behave with civilians and without in combat. Because it makes all the difference.

    So first of all we build the first prototypes and game loop of the game without civilians. Then we decided now we put civilians as a gameplay component. So civilians I wanted them to break the line of fire, it really changes the way you play for the player. Because now there are windows of opportunity.
    E.g a enemy can go out of the cover but the shot will be difficult

    Mm: so that sounds like you have coupled that with the rank and as player becomes better then coupled that with the skill element you have created chances for a skill shot in essence but that window is going to be narrow.

    EC: but it means that if you hold the trigger (full auto), in the game you will kill civilians, but it's not a genocide! So. As so as long as you are not detected, you can kill one civilian! Once in gunfight you are allowed to kill three civilians.

    MM: what's the consequence? You haven't said what the consequence is!

    EC: it's game over!

    MM: OHHH! It's game over (I am shocked surprised and pleased all at the same time by this answer)

    EC: as long as you are in recon (no alert) the civilians are not in panic. They move quietly, as soon as you trigger the gunplay they are going to run and panic, because of the ai you cannot predict where they are going to move, so for you (player) it is very hard to shoot with civilians between you and the enemy.

    MM: so follow on question to that. In scc the enemy where on patrol, are the civilians? Will they alert other civilians if they find a dead body?

    EC: as long as you are not detected they will pass through. In terms of game design you won't see them factoring (think that's what he said), but as i said when triggered you can't predict the movement because the ai is smart enough to realize where the ghosts are in relation to the enemy, they don't understand the situation, they just try to move to avoid all the bullets (both sides). So if you shoot that way, then they are going to move here and here to avoid the bullets.

    MM: sorry I think i need to go I think I am in a match right now!

    Continued after match

    Mm: we where getting to distinction between skillshot, skill of the player and getting to perfect missions, secondary objectives and co-ordinated components.

    EC: the first thing I would say is that, the perfect mission for ghost recon is that you have many choices.
    There are many things that make you have choices. The first one is the way you want to play. We wanted the game to give freedom to the player, so that means you can play the recon way, which in our own designers language means you can kill everybody stealthily, as a guideline for our designers approximately 80% of the game. You know that's true, but it's not that easy.

    It means you have to rethink and redesign situations for many, or full possibilities for the way that you want. This is one type of freedom, the other is you could have this type of gameplay in a corridor but we wanted to enlarge all the levels, it's part of the DNA of ghost recon that choice and open ground.

    It's not that easy technically, and for us it's technically for us very wierd. In the first pc version of the game is wider that we can do today on the 360. Because there are such expectations about the graphics, that you want to have a very wide open playground. but you cannot because to have it that open. It is one of our main concerns, some times one of our level designers can design a prototype of a narrow street, and we say it is good, now we need another street and so it's a big challenge for all the technical constraints.
    (pretty sure Eric hasn't conveyed this to a way he would like remember his primary language is French and this answer he was trying to think of the English words and concentrate on the answer, but the theme of technical system constraints is clear to forum readers)

    Mm: so in this "window of opportunity" if we as players fail to make or take advantage of the situation are we going to see surprises like apc, hind support and various things like that which are going to complicate things on the mission.

    EO: we tried to diverse the game play as much as we can. We have opportunities for air support. Infact it's not that easy to put that in the game because if you want to stick to reality the special forces may call for air support but on a precise target, no napalm or carpet bombing.

    MM: so like laser designated targets.

    EC: yes, and need to not be covered.

    MM: so from Zambia footage I have two questions somebody asked do you need to use the fuel air bomb, is a scripted sequence at the end or can you just shoot your way out.

    EC: we tried to call them at any moment, but due to technical constraints

    MM: you have to make a story! there is no harm in asking, fearing the reason. One splinter cell user got me on this question (dieinthedark), it's a good question!

    It's in regards to active camo on the game design, he asked, since ghost use very sophisticated technology but in the level like Zambia we have some of the poorest countries. do we see dogs with handlers as a cheap deterrent/security measure? As they will smell past active camo. Where they considered in the design of the game?

    EC: (face smiles and lifts his finger) actually the smell is not considered in the game. We used to have a prototype of a dog, smelling, it was very hard to design to work

    MM: so maybe next generation?

    EC: we have had 5 years we have tried many many things, we tried this but did not achieve convincing gameplay, (seems excited by the question) I'm still believing in it! I think we can do it.
    You know, we have even thought when you move in the water the optical camo, the ai can see it because the waves break giving away your position. I think we will achieve this in the next one.

    (announcement for my team to go for the semi final)

    MM: forum members want to know whether the footage we had seen at e3 some 2 years ago, whether the exo skeleton where gone, choke hold from behind is gone, shoulder mounted rocket launchers also gone on the refocus on the title or are they later in the game as you come up a more sophisticated opponent?

    EC: I will be very clear about it, we have tried many things, and made many mistakes, it's very interesting, when we think we have good game and what is ghost recon. (distorted) Everything we have (left/seen) In Futuristic features is not ghost recon. (this last line is heavy distorted I think implies the footage from 2 years wasn't in keeping with gr, not what you see now)

    Ghost recon, we say future solider, but the future of ghost recon is tomorrow! Not he day after tomorrow. We are not a science fiction game!

    Actually some journalist asked me "what movies have influenced you in your game" I replied, "there are none!".
    The only things that influenced me or the team, is books I read about special forces, such as "lone survivor" by...

    ( I start to interrupt and cut EC off, If you read this EC, I apologies I am not a good active listener so my better half says! Probably also due to the fact I am trying to get answers out of 20min interviews isn't helping either and playing matches during the event.)

    ...everything I read and draw influences from, is from reality. And the mission two years ago, we want to stick to reality we are not science fiction, I love science fiction game also!

    MM: so it sound like you are going back to your roots are distilling down the on features. And by the sound of things really focused on that intel loop and behaviour of ai scripting, it sounds a lot more complex than I think fans are giving it credit for, so I will definitely put this up on the forum pages, and unfortunately I need to go again.

    EC: the last thing I can say is we have worked with many former navy seals and the filter was when we asked THEM! "Do you think that will be possible?" and they reply "yes, it's in the game and if no, it's not in the game"

    again interrupted, Upon my return both Eric and Antoine had gone!

    Before I had considered the removal of the 16 player coop a bad thing however, but after speaking to Eric I feel alot better about 4. If there was one thing I got off him, is he is a guy driven by technical authenticity, I mean if your working on waves in water then your definitely a talent we should have on gr. you may not agree with me but 16 player special forces does sound kinda crazy. It's social I will give you that! But still kinda crazy. Looking forward to the end result for the campaign. And still so much we could have covered. Also given this context you can kinda see how the mp mechanics ended up where they are. The community will decide what is right and wrong as they are doing now. Hope this interview help some of you.
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    no need to wait for questions just let'er rip and answer questions as they come along......just a thought.
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    Can active camo and other features be turned off in private matches??
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    What options do you have for setting up private matches and is there a server browser for private matches or just a matchmaking utility or neither?

    P.S. You never go full recon.
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    Did you get to play campaign? How was it? Was the difficulty appropriate?
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