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    360 can't sign in - please help

    Please someone help me! I'm starting up the program, it complains about xbox live connectivity and asks me if I want to quit and do something about it. (No I don't - I'm happy with local storage, no net for xbox is fine) Then it goes onto the next screen to log in, then I can select myself to log in, then it goes back to complain about the xbox live connectivity...it's an endless circle. I've nfi what to do, I basically can't start up the game. Btw I was looking around for a "contact us" support address on the main page but there's just none. Does that mean support is non-existent?
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    This issue has already been reported under http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...c-to-Xbox-Live. Try to setup a Kinect-ID at Kinect Setting of your XBOX360. The game will then automatically identify you without the Live sign in.

    Here are some Ubisoft support addresses:

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    Thanks for the response but I had kinect IDs already, so that's not the solution.

    However, I've gone out and checked that pesky net setup anyway.
    Well, it seems it was enabled, yet it could not connect to windows live (the problem is/was NOT on my side!).
    So in other words, microsoft - as usual - borked up big time. It's amazing how such a company became a world leader in technology...blows your mind.

    Luckily, totally disabling the internet connection (i.e. disconnecting from wireless) has solved the issue.

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    It seems to me that your Xbox Live connection is blocked by a firewall or similar. Maybe this document will help you: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/908874/en-us.
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    Nope, there's no firewall, it's off on the router. (I'm using software firewalls on my computers)

    Unless the xbox itself contains some firewall...

    and btw the issue is back every time I start up the xbox. I think that the fact that at network setup everyone is hard-logged out solves the issue - temporarily of course. Every time I want to play I have to go there (the network setup) otherwise I'm back in the endless loop which asks me to log in and then complains. Using the log-out feature there just does not seem to work at all.

    Very tedious.

    (after the network setup, when I go back into the game it seems to log me in without hiccups)
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