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    Help! Rayman Origins on PC doesn't recognize second xbox controller for 2 player coop

    I bought Rayman Origins for PC from amazon downloads recently. It plays great with an xbox controller when doing single player, but i can't get it to recognize player 2's controller for coop. When I look in the controls section of the settings, all the key bindings are undefined. This is despite the fact that player 2 controller light is on (and recognized as controller 2). Has anybopdy gotten 2 xbox controllers to work for Rayman local coop? If so, how? And could this be a bug with the amazon version of the game? It doesn't seem to install normally- no windows short cut or anything.
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    How did you even get the first controller to work?

    How did you even get the first controller to work? I plug my controller in and the game does not even realise it is in? It just takes the computer controls as normal.
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    Hi, the wired Xbox 360 controller is supported, please submit a ticket with technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. have you found a solution?
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