Hi all,

While playing a Caucasus survival game today, I came really close to finishing it in time, with 1 respawn ticket left. There were only two cruisers left on the sea to be "killed".

I was using a Typhoon with 70 MMs, 80 HSMs and 20 frag bombs. 100% shield after wave 5. First recharge after wave 6 and second right before wave 10. I was so excited. For once.

However, I realized that if the second recharge had replenished my flare supply instead of leaving me with no flares at all, I would have completed the objective instead of wasting time dodging missiles. Had the frag bombs reload time not been extended so much compared to scenario missions, making the game artificially hard – again! –, I would have completed the objective.

I had also experienced the health recharge not replenishing my shield or flares once, with an SU-30 IIRC. And one other time, I could see the health symbol on the bottom left map, but the "portal" was nowhere to be seen in the game graphics.

Are these all bugs or what? Is there a manual, guide or other source of information as to survival in particular and the game in general?