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    i think the animal food should cost less to plant or at least a few more for the price it costs
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    Hi, sorry I feel the need to post this as I am quite annoyed as everything in this game makes it impossible for you to progress. Firstly everything is so expensive to buy when you only get 40 from petting zoo, and 15 from the training and it also uses quite a bit of energy. So when I finally saved up enough to buy the breeding pen to get a new horse to try and level it up higher it will it may as well be considered non-functional at the age of 8. There are someserious game issues that do need to be considered as it does have the potential to be a great game. I understan that by gaining more badges you get horses that live longer but you can't really do that in the space it takes your foal to rach 8. Again I will mention the money point again as it does need to be stressed that it take ages as not everybody is on every 30 mins to top up and collect from their compost and collect apples. I think the quests need to be staged as well, ie intended to lead you on a path in the game - one of the first quests I got was to build breeding pen and breed with horse with one badge. Along with build compost and build 4 water trouphs and hay stacks. Thats quite a lot of money to have to try and gain to be able to complete all of these, so should may be a bit more organised.
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    prices of items

    I think this game has a ton of potential. However, I think that some of the items are highly priced for low levels. I am currently stuck waiting for compost so I can earn money. My horses need a new treat that I can't make until I purchase a bakery. And they cannot progress either until this treat is available. However, 6k for a bakery is a bit steep for a low level character. Perhaps I am not as efficient as other players with the way I used my money but there are several quests where I have to purchase items such as fencing and buildings and when you are a level 10 its means waiting in limbo until you raise enough cash. I tend to lose interest quickly if I have to wait.
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