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    I've written to Steam Support btw, so hopefully they'll fix this soon. And if the fault is not on their part, hopefully they'll contact these guys and have them fix it.
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    I wrote to steamsupport aswell, at least it eases my mind to know that im not the only one having problems with this.
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    I just had same problem bought on steam tried code failed then got banned ........
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    Looks like it's working now. Decided to try the code again out of boredom and it let me through.
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    Please fix the code!

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    Здравствуйте! Объесните пожалуйста, когда покупаешь с лицензией набираешь код. А там сообщают, что код уже использован.?!
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    i bought this on impulse and i cant log in.keeps telling me invalid code then bans me.fix it ubisoft.
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    Hi guys, please contact Technical Support through the link in my signature.
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    can not connect to the conflux, shows 'application error'. does anybody know what happen?
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