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    amount of weed has increased to unacceptable amounts

    From yesterday till today a change has happened on my account. The amount of weeds that show up when I log on surpasses the amount of energy I receive - even if I don't log on till the energy bar is full. this means I cannot even work on my horses because all energy must go to clearing weeds as the horses don't have room to move around.
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    We have rearranged the speed of weeds growing. Please let us know if you still have the issue.
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    I am finding the weed growth just as frustrating. I spend more time every morning clearing weeds. Generally two or more full cycles of energy to get it under control before I can even think about doing anything with the horses.
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    Could you perhaps reduce the amount of trees in comparison to the weeds? Since trees take more energy to cut down, they should appear less frequently compared to weeds.
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    I was also dismayed at the number of weeds and trees that appeared this morning when I logged in. I was logging in to work with the horses before I had to go do other things, but the weeds took all my energy, and I was only able to start on the trees. It's not fun coming on and having to weed so much before you can do anything with the horses. I started with 19 energy, and five plots of ranch, and literally used it all up on weeeds/ruins and a tree or two, and had 2-3 more trees to clear but ran out of time (I used the last bit of time I had avaiable to come bug post).
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