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    Splinter cell conviction graphic problem

    I have now installed Splinter cell conviction in my PC, and have played the game until the White House mission, when you have to rescue the vice-president, but I've faced a graphic problem, a huge one, things disappeared, no walls, no Sam, nothing just some things like water instead of walls, and sky instead of roof.
    I've already re installed the game but the problem wasn't fixed.
    Please help me !!
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    You can ask Ubi support. Try here:
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    here's a preview !
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    No one to help ?
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    Jazz117Volkov's Avatar Senior Member
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    I saw an issue similar to that once. If I recall I think WinXP/DX9 was the problem.
    Other then that I don't think I can help ya...
    you tired the PC forum? Might have better luck over there.
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