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    A suggestion on Energyi

    Is there any way possible that the game could regenerate Energy faster, or that we could gain more energy from visiting friends without having to beg them for energy related supplies such as coffee? I'm having an extremely hard time keeping my energy between minigames for clinic patients, running to the pharmacy to get medication for said patients as well as for my current critical case, and tending to any ward patients I might have.
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    they just need to take the energy off all together and i would be on that game more often
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    Agreed remove energy all together, this form of energy game is so dated now.

    People want to play for longer than 20mins at a time.

    Vote to remove energy !!!!

    Personally I won't play this again, due to energy constraints.
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    From my experience playing CSI: Crime City, here are some EXCELLENT ideas:
    1. Have a coffee machine that gives us a small coffee daily!
    2a. When you play the cells collecting or MRI matching, if you reach a certain number of cells or matches, small coffee as additional bonus
    - or -
    2b. Depending on the number of cells/matches is how much energy you earn. Example: 10 cells/matches = small coffee, 15 = espresso, 20 = super juice. Just not give cola or smoothie for balancing purposes.
    3. Make energy purchasable with our BUDGET.
    4. Personally, I believe LAB energy should be separate from CHARACTER energy.

    Who agrees? Let's bring this idea to the developers.
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    Energy is HORRIBLE

    Honestly, the energy limitations is the major downfall of this game... without it, I would be on it soo much more... either give out more energy for accomplish tasks (a LOT more) or just remove the energy all together... by the way, I am writing this while I wait on my energy to refill.
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