I have to say, this game has to be the most fun and well-made game for Facebook. I'm so glad you guys at Ubisoft got to make it instead of something like Zynga. It's fun and keep entertaining after hours of play.

I only have 2 small problems. One is frustration based since it just takes long (to me) to regain energy and it seems the coins cannot be earned...I wish you could earn like the cash though I would understand if they were harder to get.

Also, the character we play, the rookie...almost seems to be an after-thought in the whole. I understand the other character are actually from the show so it's easier to write dialogue for them...but it seems any conversation towards the rookie is "go do this Rookie" or "Haha, you're a rookie" if you catch my drift.

But those problems hardly interrupt my experience playing this game. I'm a House (the show) fanatic and you guys did it good with this game.