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    Just bought Settlers 7 deluxe link to settlers online

    Hello I just bought the settlers 7 deluxe at game stop we thought it was with the game I am already playing settlers online and i could use same character for both. So these to games are not the same then I take it and I have to create a new account with the deluxe one? If these games can be linked somehow please explain to me how to fix.
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    If you used a uplay account to play settlers online, you can use the same account to play settlers 7, provided you haven't already used the key with another name, if you created the settlers online account using facebook, you'll need a uplay account, (the one you made to post here is a uplay account) in order to to play settlers 7.

    Once the settlers 7 key is registered to an account name, the key is locked to that account and can't be used with another one.

    Ubisoft support can, in special cases, change the account name for a user, but it's not something they do without good reason.

    Blue Byte support for settlers online is a different department to the Ubisoft support team, and they can and do change TSO accounts to any name required, so if you've already used the settlers 7 key, and are unable to change the uplay name, they can change the name of the TSO account to match the uplay one, just submit a ticket to support via the ingame link under your avatar on the browser screen and request a name change.

    As far as linking the games is concerned, they don't actually link up, but they may have plans to offer settlers 7 unlock codes as part of future in game quests, in the same way that the Ubisoft browser version of Might & Magic Heroes did for the Might & Magic Heroes 6 game recently.
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