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    Favor points in the Ward - Help?

    I'm blocked. I'm in my second case and I'm asked to go get favor points in the Ward. But how am I supposed to that? Can someone help me, please?
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    yea im at the same problem i need favor points
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    Favor points are accrued by getting patients into the ward.
    Start by going to the clinic, 'diagnosing' someone, and send them to the ward (third option).
    They will then move to the bed in the ward (other side of the Exam machine).
    Click them, and you will see you need some supplies (tongue depressors, IV bags, needles, etc).
    To get these, you diagnose people in the clinic, give them medicine, and they will give you supplies.
    After you have all of the items you need, click on the ward patient, get a referral from a doctor (friend or team-member), and you get a favor point.

    Yeah, it's a long process. Best done as much as possible.
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    you also need to be a certain level. treat patients from the clinic for XP to unlock the ward
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    Here is a quick video guide on how to earn Favor Points in the Ward

    Video Guide
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    Once we have the favor points how do we use them or do they get used automatically?
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    Usually House asks for them during one of the Critical Cases. If you have the item available and click okay they will deduct from your account.
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    treat pt in the ward to get favor points
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