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    Ready to start promoting this game June 8th Tournament

    I love the Ghost Recon series and regardless what people are saying about Future Soldier I intend to give this game my 100% support. I run a very small competitive gaming website. Its nowhere near the calibur of MLG or GB or even Fragged nation but we all have to start somewhere right?

    We have already run several online events and have even recently hosted an ONLINE tournament for Operation Raccoon city ( love it or hate it we managed to get 16 players to participate)

    I have scheduled a GRFS tournament for June 8th and I am in the progress of setting up that portion of our web site to get players involved. I hope to get 4 teams of 4 ( 6 man teams are maximum from what I hear now) for our first event and will support the game moving forward with monthly events <time permitting>
    I belive that GRFS has the potential to be a wild card in the military shooter genre and if players are exposed to it for the first time or returning players they will see the quality of game that it offers.

    I am hoping that the community will rally behind me and take part in our events. Like I said we are a small organization but are looking to the future. Our strength is being highly involved with the communities and the developers of competitive games and avoiding the pitfalls that some of our bigger competitors have made in their journey to fame.

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    Well this I like, but I need a team first!

    Nice site!
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    hmmm a tourney on my birthday gonna have to pass, but good luck with it......
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    In regards to the team question. Please submit your Gamertag< or PSN ID as we are working on a Playstation event on the same day> and we will put you on a team
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    I assume this is for siege mode...?
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    game modes havent been nailed down yet until we get our hands on the game. This is a general call to arms so to speak.We are just like you guys....in the dark until we get hands on
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    wow..not a lot of interest in here so far
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    Have you posted on the clan recruitment section EVO? I think thats our best bet, I know a few clans that could actually register 2 teams each.
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    done and done..thanks for the tip Tact
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