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    newbie to Your Shape 2012 - any exercise explanation / detail instruction


    I'm newbie to Your Shape 2012. There are lots of exercises there. But I'm quite understand what sequence to do or any extra instrument to use.

    Anyone already explained the exercises with a checklist?

    Many thanks.
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    You may find some helpful lists on certain target areas on the Your Shape Facebook page. Also, forum members have put together this thread that may be helpful in seeing what exercises are contained in most of the various exercise areas - exercise list for Your Shape.

    I personally spent my first month with YSFE 2012 going through and trying out every one of the workouts, activities and classes to see which ones I like best and are best for my fitness goals. I recommend this to anyone who's really curious about what YSFE 2012 has to offer.
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    Hi kenny_tm_cheng,

    NanoParticle is right you can always visit our Facebook Fanpage to see the workouts we have posted (see here).

    What we suggest you do to is start with a warm up: 'Hu-La-La', 'Wallbreaker' or 'Hurricane', then do whatever workout or areas you want to concentrate on: 'Arms', 'Back', 'Abs', etc. Then do a class like 'Cardio Boxing', 'Boot Camp' or a dance class. If you have time you can always relax and get a good stretch with any of the Yoga classes or you can do the Game Add-On 'Cool Down Package'. This is a good format to do 3-4 times a week and should take approximately 45 minutes to do. If you want to boost your cardio you can do that in between your workout days.

    For instruments, you only really need to use a 5lb or 10lb weight to do your training.

    We hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions.

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