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    Happy states

    Hey Xhane!

    I read your guide to a super happy horse--but I've run into a problem with happy horses not becoming super happy horses when given treats. I've attached a video that I took of a happy horse staying just plain happy after a treat. This is a problem I have run into a lot. Is there a catch? Or is that NOT actually supposed to happen? This has been my leveling up problem as well...no matter what I do, some horses just DON'T get to super happy until I start all over, and sometimes not even then.

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    1. The weed regeneration really is out of hand, though I know you are aware of that now.
    2. Got the sign post back, thanks, but I had a ranch of ruin & did not receive the 100k....which would really help, since I had nearly everything before...
    3. When breeding, if you shift a trait to 100%, highly likely it WON'T happen...so why do we use breeding badges to shift it to 100%, when it actually doesn't happen? I used 4 breeding baddges to make a flaxen tobiano mare (100% on both shifts), and I ended up with a plain chestnut. Which brings me to my next point....
    4. ABILITY TO SELL HORSES! Or send them over the rainbow at any age! Anything, so we aren't forced to mess with a horse we hate until it is 37 years old. That is a major, major turn-off in this game right now. The last thing I want to do is spend 10 days worth of energy on a horse I hate and won't use.
    5. Rotating objects (ie, petting zoo)--when the item is used, it automatically turns back to its normal state, and sits on top of other objects, and the horse actually appears "behind" the now-normally rotated object. Difficult to move/rotate back, and it happens every time.
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    Hey Xhane--any word on any of the above listed items? I did receive my 100k, so #2 is checked off the list!
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    Oy! Also: The "Light Chestnut" coat modification for QHs doesn't currently work at all. I've tried it 3 times, and two other people have attempted as well. Not sure if y'all were aware, but we wanted you to be!
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    Thanks for your reports. The Super Happy state should be fixed by now. Please let me know if you still have the issue. I'll report the other issues as well. Could you share you FB ID so we can look into those in more details?

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    FB ID: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...14&ref=tn_tnmn

    I attempted yesterday to treat my horse, and he remained 'happy.' I am of the understanding that treating a happy horse will make him super-happy, right? Or am I wrong, and only a super-happy horse with a treat will remain a super-happy horse? I will try and get another video if this persists; at the moment I have no horse to try it on.

    - The shifting is still wonky--also, I now realize "Flaxen" won't be passed onto the foal even when set at 100% shift. I can't tell if that's because of random variables, or because the 'flaxen' coat color is doing the same thing as the 'light chestnut' color. Will take screen shots/videos when I can.
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