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    NERF the MK16 !!!!

    Hi guys i'm not one to complain but MK16 is way to over powering it out shoots sniper rifles long range and out shouts most weapons mid and short range i found that even some shot guns dont have a chance against it but are most likely the only weapon that could maybe take the person out with the mk16.
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    I have heard many players ask for a shotgun nerf. My experience with the MK16 is similar to OP. It seems to work over long distance with deadly accuracy, in a close up confrontation it mostly seems to out shoot everything without you getting a shot off. If you unlocked this gun at the highest lvls it would be understandable, and this being a beta I guess it is possible that its position in the progression list could change. As for the shotgun... it does not seem to fire over obstacle, it always loses out to angles fire fights, whether its lower behind the obstacle or higher above. at first I thought i just aiming badly... but its more than that, it seems like the game doesnt recognize that a spreading shot at an angle and with a obstacle, is still gonna hit the target with at least some of the shot.
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    Have both of you fired the Mk16 ingame (aka FN SCAR 16S)? Nothing you said here about that rifle is true. With a medium-distance scope you can hit target far away, that's right. But you need 3-4 headshots to kill someone (when it's not a crit) and you have to use semi fire. On full auto and burst the reticule jumps like crazy (even if it has a recoil of 22, the MP5 with a recoil of 20 is steady as hell compared to that even on full auto!), so you can just shoot in bursts of 2-4 bullets. If you hold the mouse-but.ton down you will need a full magazin to kill an enemy even if he is right in front of you because of the spreading!

    And the reason why every assault uses this gun is that the other rifles are waaay too expensive and in comparison they are just a little tiny bit better stats-wise.

    Play with the Mk16 and you will see that everything what I've just said is true
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    Well in that case you just rised another question are the ppl that are using them using aim bots because 10/10 times a mk16 wins the battle no matter what gun i have used
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    Originally Posted by Fu.B.aR Go to original post
    Well in that case you just rised another question are the ppl that are using them using aim bots because 10/10 times a mk16 wins the battle no matter what gun i have used
    Maybe they just were ubar-skilled players? I lose A LOT of CQCs against shotguns (with my Mk16 SV) and when there's a cloaked recon behind me, there's no way at all I would survive that kind of encounter even though my K/Ds is at an average of 2.5.
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    I got my beta key and the server's been down ever since, so i cant say i know what a "Mk16" is.. but the name (could be a false name) implies to me that it's an assault rifle.. why would people want an assault rifle nerfed when there's shotguns running around? lol

    AGAIN: i dont know what the Mk16 is for sure because i havent even been able to get past the login screen (the current downtime that's lasted days that's still going on as i type this)
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    Mk 16 is a powerful assault rifle that is very accurate and strong on long distance (semi fire mode). It's basically a sniper assault rifle.
    Shotguns work against it, but you only get one shot because the Mk 16 can just shoot about anyone with a couple of bullets.

    I won't say it's heavily OP, but still a tiny bit (like the famous Pentagun => shotgun that's too accurate on mid range).

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    I don't agree with anything you just said!
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    Use the weapon before u say its OP.... becuase its NOT
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    i think the reason why many players use the MK16 is that it's cheap, early available and gives you certain comfort when pinned down from long range (which happens quite often at first, but becomes less if you get more familiar with the maps)... but trust me... there are better rifles, at least for specific tasks. SAR-21 C / AR-21 C for example are crazy in CQC and even at long range, the MK16 is inferior to some rifles imho. also, the MK16 (SV) is nothing in the hands of bad player without a calm hand.

    i got the MK16 SV but not using it anymore, because i don't lfeel like it's my task to snipe as an assault, because the handling and ROF sucks in CQC, because the accuracy sucks if you're not in prone or behind cover, and because it gets boring fast. it's a nice gun, but surely not good for everything.

    people tend to call guns OP when they get killed by it frequently and at the moment, there are many MK16s on the battlefield... but just wait until more players get higher tier guns...
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