So I went over to a friend's house and decided to plug into Guitar Rig 5 and check it out. First thing I tried to do was have Nirvana's In Bloom playing through Media Player while I used the "Kurt In Bloom" preset in Guitar Rig and I also had it save out to a file.

Man did I sound like crapola! But, on the bright side, even though this experiment showed me my short comings in detail, they were mostly things like "not letting the sounds ring out long enough," or "pressing too hard in the middle of frets instead of lightly next to the fret," you know that "sour" sound you get side by side with a song and it just doesn't sound right. Also, bends were sour, and picking was meh.

Besides that, Guitar Rig is a real piece of work. With the ASIO4ALL driver the Rocksmith Tone Cable works perfectly.