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    My yourshapecenter not in English -- HELP please

    I am fairly new to YSFE and am trying to check out http://yourshapecenter.de.ubi.com/dashboard, but it is not in English for me and for the life of me I cannot figure out why not. Does anyone have the anser to this?

    Loving YSFE and now if I could just understand this website, it might be even better

    Ok, I figured out my problem. All is well now.
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    Doing the above is useless, you get automatically re-directed to the language version of wherever you live. This is personally something I HATE with any website, being that I'm from the US but live in France. Luckily I understand most French, but sometimes I just want to have things in my native language to make SURE I understand them. I have this problem all the time with any ubisoft related website.
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    @PMS_Anex: For me, it still works with Firefox and IE.
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    I'm in the US and normally use the US site. As a test I tried the UK link above. Once I logged in using the Dolphin browser on my Android tablet it took me automatically to the US site. So at least on some browsers there seems to be an automatic redirect to the country from which you're connecting.

    Edit: Just got around to checking it out on my laptop and I'm being redirected to the US site on both Firefox and IE as well.
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