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    hello all!

    Greatings from Lincolnshire.

    as a big fan of SH3 and GWX thought id bring myself up to date and get SH5.
    Not impressed.
    graphics kick *** but it seems gamey and too much story line etc. (call me old fashioned but i just wanna sink ships)
    im currently stuck on dockside after my first mission and cant get my 'character' back on my new command, no prompts no nothing, and the manual is about as much use as tits on fish.

    anyone help me out id appreaciate it, otherwise this games off in the bin and im off back to SH3.

    cheers lads.

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    found it.

    just looked in the forums and found loads of folks had the same problem.
    still, the game does look pants compared to SH3/GWX
    The manual is uber bone thou.
    me mam could of written one better...
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    Hello scottyscott 37,


    You may want to check out the Quick Start Guide at the top of the forum on the main page.
    I see you found the answer you were looking for. The best post to answer your question is here.
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