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    Fake Undefeated Champ

    Some people look on the leaderboard very good, but are they really that good?

    Check Youtube.com at Daniko Run Run Run.

    I call it the tutorial of staying undefeated. This way you can hold on to your three stars and brag when you beat real players. In my eyes every win you ever made is worth nothing.

    Later boys.
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    Lmfao... Nice 1 homi . Keep posting them . Utube may have to open a special site to take all the incoming runners lol run forrest run lmfao . Exposed for the fake dasher and booster that he is. Hes run on me too then he run on rbk straight after . 1 word describes this guy.. "balless"
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    I have one of him taking off after I kill his CV. He didnt pull the plug quick enough though haha.
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