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    Splinter Cell HD - OPSAT won't work

    I have the PS3 retail disc of Splinter Cell HD Trilogy and on the first Splinter Cell, the OPSAT won't work no matter how many times I push Select. The 1.01 patch is installed.

    Has anyone else encountered this bug and is there any way to fix it?
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    I figured out what the cause is and how to fix it. When you put the disc in for the first time, it will prompt you to install the 1.01 patch and then after that it will do the main install. Installing the patch first doesn't work right and it ends up screwing up the install and that's why the OPSAT wouldn't work. To prevent this problem, skip the patch install and do the main install first. Afterwards, quit and start up the game and then install patch. The OPSAT works fine after that.

    The developers didn't implement the patch install well at all for people who have bought the game after the patch was released.
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