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    I must be stupid

    Yea you read that right. Either way it fits.

    I downloaded Hawx installed it, now I can't find it.

    I can't even find help. This site sucks.

    I guess once they have your money.... well that is
    all they want........ so I the words of my generation

    UP YOURS...........
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    check your program files Go to My compueter clikc hard disk, program files and there it has to me
    OR star bottom click and where it says Sear write the name of the game and if yyou find it make a desktop icon or what ever works for you and i you cant find it any way just try to download it again
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    Another customer lending a hand!

    I'm also disappointed in the Forum managers and UBISOFT really is bad how things are managed poor customer channel process, I actually thought when they changed the Forum page and software running it they might change how they dealt with their games and customers, but same old posts of nothing to no good end.

    Try to back trace your steps, also did you keep a receipt of purchase of some sort, dont worry about Forum its just a discussion tool go to this site http://support.ubisoft.com/

    First explain yourself politely, if no help let the community know here http://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSupport/ with a heavy post copy and paste all discussion trail.

    I would never purchase games through Steam or Digital Download only at a Game Shop or Amazon like here:


    Its safer and a sured guarantee of a Hard Copy!

    I bought the game $100.00 AUD now you can get it for under $10.00 what a joke!

    So if you really want HAWX yeah much easier and very cheap now.

    HAWX-1 is allot of fun, in my honest opinion HAWX-2 in the Bin!

    All the best bud!

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    Hey Razza you can find cool skins for the F16 on page madding and skins 198 -199 you can see a different camo skins and for other planes go up
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    Thanks everyone for your post and thoughts. I guess I will say it again, " I must be stupid"
    I am not buying anymore ubi crap, Downloaded Slient Hunter 4 "Wolves of the Deep" cd version is Wolves of the Pacific. I had it on cd and it worked find for well over a year. Then the crap started, not sure it may be that my OS is Windows Vista (what a nightmare) to poor to up grade. Anyways I looked at the cd and seen a few scratches, so I decided to buy the down load from UBI. Well it is the same game, but not the last updated version 1.3 (you would think that a download would be the latest version 1.4) Then you look in Start,All Programs, Ubisoft,Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific, and there is no link to launch the game, a few links there, one say update, so I said Oh that must be to update before you play the game, so I click the link and bingo, not a thing happens, Zero, no nothing. Well now I know not to spend one more dollar on any product that has a ubi logo. I hope admin reads this, and I hope they stick it where the sun don't shine........... Happy Trails
    I know this is about Hawks, well I got some more games on ubiplay, and when those go bad they will not see me no more.
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