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    Sick of playing with 3 mates only ?

    Hi, little poll, for all of you guys who're sick of playing only teams of 4, let's vote and let the devs know about they need to hurry getting teams back to 8 !
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    It's good that fireteams only have 4 player. A team of randomly mixed player would have no chance against a team of 8 players who all know each other and their strengths.
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    So you wish we never play 8 again ?
    If so, this game is RIP
    cuz it's a fu c king team game.

    What about teams that wanna play matches, competitive lvl etc...
    They'll need to train, if GRO has no competitive lvl at all, thanks devs to tell me right now.
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    lol at competitive level without an anticheat, the MP aspect of GRO will be dead anyway if there is no anticheat released for it.

    You could split your friends into 2 fire-squads, same difference. I agree, 8 man team vs pug = pubstomp dream, so no.

    If this ever gets to a level where it could be competitive, they could introduce a special competitive game mode with 8 man teams.
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    I finally understand so many things ...

    That being said, +1 for esport mode.
    Need devs' thoughts on this one
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    I also would like to see larger "fireteams". But you have to do some thoughts and easy conclusions on this.

    1: grinding points public on a game thats makes its money with "micro transactions" will reduce the need to buy coins drasticly
    2: grinding public will scare of a lot of solo players, a large audience that also will buy coins

    3: now we dont even know if there will be any competetive mode or even "clan servers"
    I dont except the second one simply of how the system seems to work(dynamic arranged servers) but the question is if there is a need when there is no competitive mode

    4: maybe a competitive mode - not yet announced - will support 8on8 matches
    Now you can also go back to question number one and ask if this could be used abusively. Maybe there shouln'd be any reward (EXP, RP AND loot) in this kind of matches, to prevent it from beeing exploited?

    I realy would like to see an competetive mode, but from the publishers view of things and easy solution would probably lead to a major loss of customers.(i.e. buying coins)
    The coin always got two sides on in.

    Just my 2 cent.

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    behind you
    Im sick of playing with my 3 mates, i want to play against them, you should know how boring it is to rush through 20 games in a row :O

    make it so i can play against my team ! :O

    yet, if the game is finished i dont really want to battle a premade 8 man team in public.

    4 can be challenging enough if your alone
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    In public: no
    Competition: YES!
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