I have been a disgruntled player of the game for one reason: the game is made artificially hard. And after an umpteenth session of survival mode, I had to come here and vent my frustration. To game designers: making a game hard does not add fun to the game, it only makes it frustrating.

I have enjoyed the first HAWX. Really. To the point that it's still installed on my computer and I sometimes play two or three missions, just for the fun it. And despite running it for a long time now, I still have to reach level 30. Yes, the level system in HAWX 1 was very badly scaled.

On to HAWX 2. Each time I play the game, I feel like I spend most of my time dodging missiles. Not only do my missiles take forever to lock, even with the Raptor, but what computer-controlled bandits do, I can't do. Has anyone paid attention to the distance frame within which a JSM can lock a bandit? It's a ridiculously small distance. Factor in the "too close" re****al and the magical capability of bandits to evade missiles including multiple missiles, to accelerate like a flying dragster and to make impossible turns at Mach >1, and it makes for a incredible experience. Yet, the game boasts about having some realism. I've had enemies lock me and shoot their missile at me when I was "too close" to shoot them. Yay!

What's with slowing down in manual mode triggering the stall alarm? Couldn't the developers calibrate things a little better? For instance, watch this video on Youtube and you'll see that the plane goes from 500+ mph (at 00:52) to 72 mph (0:53) in less than 2 seconds! This video illustrates everything that pesters me: mad acceleration at 1:37, opponents that read your mind and foresee your actions at 2:27, poorly detailed perception of your plane's orientation, bandits that make tight circles around you as if they were immune to stall and whatnot. The guy who made the video was clearly overwhelmed (at wave 4 only) and he ended up taking so many missiles back to back that he stopped the recording.

How many people in a solo mode ever completed a survival mission? What's your success/trial ratio? For me, it's a strict zero now even after a few dozen attempts with the medium difficulty.

Do you know whether user tests are made before release?

Last, the sound level is really too low, not only compared to normal sound output on a Windows system, but also within the game itself. The beep that warns of your plane being locked is just ridiculously low and mellow. What was so wrong with the sharper sound from HAWX 1? And why is the lock alarm gone?

Sorry but as I commented just yesterday on a Youtube video, game and frustration don't belong together. Actually, I should have read this before buying the game. Anyway, I'll pass on any sequel. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but this second installment in the series, I label it "*****ered fun". It's a real shame.