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    1. Beauty Salon is currently only usable with Facebook credits, which means absolutely NO ONE will use it. Some of the features would be great if used with horse cash.
    2. A way to get more deeds so that we can expand our ranches.
    3. The bubbles & pop-ups above items/horses can block actions that have to occur behind them. Any way to make them less intrusive?
    4. An undo buutton or back buutton in breeding screens so you don't have to exit out entirely.
    5. A Breeding Badge count in the horse's stats after the horse is retired.
    6. Increase amount of Apple Cookies able to store in inventory.
    7. Refund spent facebook credits that ended up being unusable because of glitches/problems.
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    Also, the facebook forum has a LOT of suggestions, problems, interactions & current happenings in-game. Great resource! Please check in there: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn...7739822622249/
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    Also, to be able to sell unwanted horses would be great. Getting stuck with a horse you don't like and having to wait until it retires to send it away is really energy-consuming and can get irritating.
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    Hello mushlymush,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass it on to the dev team for sure
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    Thanks Xhane! I do appreciate the response
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    A couple of suggestions

    1. Would like to be able to combine mag ammo an example would be only using 100 shells in one match and in storage I have 50 left from another match would like to combine the two and have 80 shells and keep stacking with other shell till I hit 120.

    2. The maps are great but too many choke points very linear any possibility you can open them up a bit?

    More suggestions to come. I hope this helped a bit and thanks for the great job you all did on this game and for the opportunity in testing it out.
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    uzghostrider....are you talking about Horse Haven? Sounds like you're talking about a shooter.
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    Like Mushlymush have said about the beauty salon. No one will use it if u have 2 pay ALOTS of FB credits 2 do it.
    I got rly pissed when i bought it after a long time of saving cash for it and then realize that i have 2 use FB credits 2 do the tasks as the quest said. Thats just BS. Eather u change it or i want my quest 2 get removed and my money back for the beauty salon. Its just stupid.
    Sorry for the anger... But srsly.. -.-

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    I also have 1 suggestion, *hopefully* they will be able to make the horses look different, as they do in real life. The animation is very cute in the game so it would be nice to see their interpretations of the breeds if they all looked different =)
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