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    (Online) - MULTIPLAYER MEETINGS - Mac/PC - Times & Dates

    Alright as discussed in the other thread, we decided to set up dates on which we will play all together.

    I created this thread for Mac and PC players, they share the same online mode and therefore can play against each other.

    Maybe I will try and keep this first post up to date and write the time & day here.


    Tuesday, 26th June 2012

    starting at 8:30 PM in the Lobby

    Timezone: GMT+1

    How it works:

    The game should start at the given time (GMT +1). That means you should come earlier, maybe like 10-15 minutes, so nobody is stressed and we don't have to wait for anyone.

    I will be online earlier, so just wait in the multiplayer main menu, and I will invite you to my lobby (you just need to accept under the friends menu). My gamertag is ManoelM as you can see.

    During the 10-15 minutes waiting, we will be driving free roam together!

    Once you are in my lobby (looks just like your multiplayer menu), press ESC to join those who are already waiting and driving around.

    Around the given time then I will start the game!

    People who come too late will not be able to take part. Since those are closed games, it is not possible to add them later during the game. And who knows when the next meeting will be!

    Please check your timezone carefully here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

    I can see lots of "Ooh I thought it was GMT-8" coming here lol.

    9.00 PM = 21.00 H

    Or click on the little "12h" or "24h" in the bottom right corner of the box!

    - Please also post your gamertag here if it's not the same like your username!

    - Maximum 8 players as far as I know, so be quick lol!

    - If enough players, we will be playing all games through (starting with tag and finishing with team races!)

    - Come earlier to see how everything works and to find to my lobby before the game starts, it might be confusing at first!

    Alright! Then let the playing begin...
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    xfanatic's Avatar Junior Member
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    Apr 2012
    cool! i'll try to be online
    since i don't have done any multiplayer yet i'm Lv 1 and i have no idea how to play with others :P
    edit: someone is online join ppl xD
    Lv 2 now and keep driving!!
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    Don't worry you will learn And we will play often enough until you reach the highest level

    To everyone who is adding me, but not replying here, I will just send you an invite at the time we set up, and assume you want to play aswell - then you just have to accept (or not..).
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    I'll try to be there 8)
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    YES, do that! :P
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    It's 9 PM @ GMT+1 now and nobody's there

    EDIT #1: Wait.... I'm confused. It is not? God I don't understand timezones :S

    EDIT #2: ****, it doesn't work. I tried to join your group 3 times, ManoelM. But everytime I get the following: "Connection Error - Unable to connect to the party" Maybe a PC <--> Mac problem??
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    No you're right. The multiplayer mode has a bug with sending invitations. A lot of people have an error when they join and get something like "this session has expired" or "you can not join this group".. we created another thread also for this problem.

    I tried yesterday with xfanatic for hours to fix this bug and find the solution why it doesn't work.

    Check if you got my invitation and tell me if you also have this problem. Yesterday I also played with 2 other people with who it worked fine.

    PS: I see you send me an invitation (beitritt zur Gruppe nicht möglich/can't join group)- see.
    Do you manage to play with others? Because if not, the problem is coming from you. I do manage to play with others! If we find a lot of people from who the problem is coming, we can see what they have in common and maybe find a solution
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    Check my edit in my last post.
    Well, this is the first time I tried to play in a party, so I can't really tell if this is caused by me. My friendlist is pretty empty, nobody likes to accept my friend invites :/. People tend to start ramming me after a few races, as if they'd get mad at me or they simply leave. I'm always trying to race fair, though!

    Anyways, my guess is that it's an issue with PC - Mac incompatibility.
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    No I don't think it has to do with that, Ubisoft said both share the same online mode and can play against each other, and I've played against people on PCs (and people on PCs against me).

    I think it has something to do with connections... do you have any firewalls or proxys? Also check in the Ubisoft game launcher, when you click on settings at the top right, that there is no proxy set, for me default was "auto".

    Also check privacy settings in the multiplayer lobby..

    Yes I basically also don't accept people any more because too many people are causing the multiplayer to crash! That's why, it's nothing personal They're just avoiding it to crash. People also leave if I win all the time haha. And ramming - don't worry I do that too, it's just for fun, it's Driver after all They're just having a laugh, and if they ramm you, just ramm them back :P Because ramming means they're going to fall back and there are more chances for you to win!
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    @shop5E97A8D26 check my post i think we have the same problem
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