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    Alamut 1938 Ebook in English

    Hey guys just finnished my ACR yesterday and started reading up on stuff about Assassins. So i came across this book Alamut (1938) by vladimir bartol, i checked out some of its contents that are available on google books and i must say it really is a classic and its more interesting than the AC games (different plotlines yeah).

    Now i am going mad with curiosity and suspense but cant find the full ebook thats translated in English to read it all. I have got my hands on two of them and one of em is in Spanish and one is in Arabic.

    So if someone's got a link or something on it please help me here.

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    Alamut is one of the most translated books to english in the world, so i'm 100% sure you have it in your local library. I'm sure if you can't go there, you know someone who can go get if for you. don't know much about finding ebooks but Alamut really is one of the best books. It has everything *SOME MIGHT CONSIDER THIS AS SPOILERS (mark the text to see)*: war, real love, forced love, sneaky assassinations, misguiding of leaders, the question of religion

    I would recommend the read!
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