Anyone who has played YSFE for a long time or who has read the posts in this forum knows that the calorie count is a single joke. Nevertheless, it isn't useless in any case. But it should be thoroughly revised as soon as possible.

A few days ago I once again took a little trip down the memory lane with the original YSFE. What struck me most and what I had completely forgotten was that the results of a session are shown here much more clearly than in the sequel. Everything is pretty readable and above all - as long as you want. In YSFE 2012 one must always hurry to read the results for best combo, points or time before they disappear or before they are overwritten by the calorie score. In addition, they are tiny and poorly represented in color, so that they are difficult to read for eyeglass wearers over a distance of approximately 2,50 or 3 meters.

Since this trip I'm pretty annoyed at the ridiculous section "My Progress - My Statistics". Why, for Ubisoft's sake, are my best results not even recorded here? And why do the counters for Push-Ups, crunches, jumps, distance covered, good steps and stacked forms end with "9,999"? Even in the face of the 100,000 points achievement that is totally illogical.

Maybe I'm stupid or a bit silly. But it's a secret that perhaps at some point someone should tell me.

P.S. "Distance covered" may well end at 9,999. I don't think I'll ever run so far on the spot. In German the word "auf der Stelle treten" means somewhat like "treading water". And that's not good.