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    I'm using mac to play this game, and it is awesome. when i try to play multiplayer though, the game just keeps searching for a match and won't find one, so if you happen to figure out what your problem is, PM me so we can play online or something
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    it seems that mt ports are opened now. According to the simple port tester the ports are opened, but I can still not play any ideas Green.Hornet what I should do?
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    Im also unable to play multiplayer, coop, lan or anything thats not singleplayer. My ports are also opened. Even tested with Simple Port Tester. I still think its Ubisoft fault, not players. But when u dont know whats wrong its someones else fault, right?

    You buy game for 100% of a price, and u get only 50% content?
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    It is Ubisofts fault.
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    It works sometimes for me but usually it doesn't
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    Looking for SC:Conviction friends...

    Hey everyone... just got Splinter Cell for my iMac and I'm pretty sure I've got it set up right with all the info given in this discussion. Now I need friends to play with. Find me by my user name, SeanW3233.
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    I just want to say I finally fixed it so if anybody wants to play just send me a PM or send a friend request =)
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    hey chanz can you tell me the link to where you connected your account to ubi
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