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    CSI: Crime City is getting a little boaring...but great game.

    I love the game but there are some things I thought I'd share as feedback.
    It would be nice to have more things to buy. I've become a little bored playing the game because of nothing new to buy. I've bought basically almost everything they have in the store. Nothing else to buy. It would be nice to see may be some more clothing or may be the office out of the Lab and all by itself. To be able to decorate the office with new items. Most games they keep updating and adding new things this one never changes other then what I've noticed with the coffee/energy thing that pops up when you first start the game as well as the new ****ons to explore the game. I like how its easy to explore like that and the coffee/energy award in the beginning. I love how you can win the batterys to speed things along in the Lab. May be more engery too. I've noticed my engery level hasn't expanded in quite a long time. Its up to 201 I think and thats the ****hest it has gone. I love the engery boosts but something would be nice to have more too. There for awhile I was getting a lot of batteries and now I am not.
    I am a very big fan of the tv show and I like how its so much like the show.
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    Another thing I missed that really drives me up the wall is when I have almost full Energny and I use a little of it up on a few squares and then I get promoted losing ALL the Energy I had before the promotion. Why not just add what you earn from the promotion on to what you already had instead of wasting all the energy that you could be using to get a lot more finished? I wonder if any more cases are going to be made. I am on the 10th case. Hoping to make it till the end before any more is added.
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    I don't really like how when you collect the last item of evidence and the only action you have the choice to do is go to the Lab. I think it should be just the same as when you collect the first few items of evidence to have the choice to keep exploring or go to the Lab so if you are not finished with a room it doesn't automatically go to close..A lot of times the case get automatically closed because of the last piece of evidence collected.
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    Hey! Thanks for posting on the forum. To answer a few of your questions:

    1. Keep an eye out for more items in the store. We'll be introducing new stuff, and as a result moving some items to funding from Ubi Credits (clothes and decoration).
    2. We're working on a CSI: Miami game for Facebook that will be packed with new cases, and we'll give special rewards to those who previously played Crime City like you
    3. The energy thing just has to be managed -its a pretty typical game design mechanic - you can't really get more energy than the max. Otherwise you could time your level ups to stack up a ton of energy. Sorry!

    Hope you're enjoying so far, we're really happy to have you
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    Why would I want to shop and buy new outfits when I have NO place to wear them... getting very very sick of playing the game over and over and over again.... Please hurry up and come out with new crimes.... I am just about ready to uninstall this game!!!
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