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    The Hunger Games game?

    I've seen the film and read the books. I think The Hunger Games has the potential to be an astonishing game. Consider this:

    - Designing and naming your own character, assigning attributes and skills.
    - Choosing which district your character comes from, each district carrying its own perks and bonuses. Perhaps include an unlockable district 13?
    - Tutorial level in which you visit each station at the training centre in the capitol, where you can learn to set traps, use ranged and melee weapons, hunt, use camouflage, set up camp, collect food and water, distinguish between poisonous and edible food, sneak, basic movement and manoeuvres etc.
    - Randomly generated, vast, expansive maps of all sorts, or filling in boxes to choose yourself what kind of map to play in, jungle, rainforest, forest, desert, grassland, wasteland, mountains, canyons, snow, water-based, urban etc.
    - Up to 24 players online in short 20 or 30 minute games.
    - In Single Player, games that may last up to a month or more whereby you must set up camp, sleep, eat, drink, hunt, survive and keep a save file.
    - A wide variety of weapons, foods, clothes, armours and equipment. All with their own stats and attributes, perks and uses. E.g. night vision goggles, arrow-proof vests, camouflage gear, bows and arrows, swords, maces, clubs, knives, throwing knives, hatchets and axes, spears, daggers, lances and even explosives.
    - A huge variety of traps, animals both aggressive and passive, Capitol input such as forest fires or draining water supplies to force contestants together.
    - Realistic movement and reactions from the players character and NPC's (such as getting startled or frightened at sudden attacks or noticing smoke from a fire and deciding whether to investigate or not), a realistic sneaking system and physics engine
    - Receiving gifts from sponsors for completing achievements or performing dangerous feats, e.g. killing two tributes with one trap. Or being punished by the Gamemakers for being inactive or trying to flee.
    - Perhaps including a character level system, where you gain experience from hunting or killing or setting traps etc, and as you level up, using your character again in future games, the opponents also get tougher.
    - Also, offline co-op and versus mode. This is a feature that is being excluded in most games these days and I for one would love to see it return. In my opinion it makes gaming a much more social hobby.

    I think if even just some of these suggestions were included in a game like this, it would be a MASSIVE hit. Anyone agree?
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    Read the title and thought hell no. Read the post and if they don't do a campaign that follows the book it would be good. an RPG style story with multiplayer component could actually work really well.
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    Ok so I have this idea of the hunger games game and want to know what other people think. I do not know how to do this so just kinda hoping someone does it on their own. Alright to begin, as we all know the Hunger Games is become a big series and theres talk of making it into a video game, yet, all movie turned video games are crap. So heres the concept, take away the concept of the movie but leave the movie. Make it so theirs no preset story line. Begin with the very first hunger games where you can choice a district and male or female, each district has a generic advantage such as district 4 is great for fishing and with nets and tridents (like mid range weapons) but also has a few disadvantages like poor with forest and bushes. Then break it down from there with a brief story (nothing much just gives you an idea of what their good at as an individual) such as peeta being good at camouflage or Katniss being good with a bow and hunting. After the Tributes being selected you go to the training, here is more like a boxing or football concept where you do mini challenges to determine how much improvement you have, this can be focused like endurance, sprinting, climbing, swimming, hunting, gathering, camouflage, throwing knifes, archery, strength, spears, short swords, knifes, axes... ect. Have some of these skills over lap like when you work with short swords it will improve that mostly but will also increase knifes slightly, because its not focused on the knife doesn't mean it wont help. This would continue on for as long as the game makers want it to (I recommend 3 training sessions a day for 21 days) After that you get your ranking between 1-12 but make it fair so its possible to get a 4 or an 11 just depends on a lot of things. The next thing to do would have an interview (optional not necessarily) where it would be like madden football so when you talk you have preset options on how you want your person to come of as aggressive or nice or whatever. Now this is when the fun begins... going to the games, set it up where the arena is randomly generated or preset... doesnt matter but make sure you have multiple arenas. Make sure until you show up on the arena the character has no idea what they will face. At this point have it set up just like in the books, the rules an all. For the game play i would think using an assassin creed style of hand to hand combat and running/climbing and swimming. For the ranged weapons including throwing weapons (such as spears, throwing knifes, throwing axes, and tridents) more of a red dead style where you have a white cursor so to speak, and its free moving so you can run but just as in madden by running an throwing it weakens your throw and makes it less accurate. The biggest problem would be hunting and water, id recommend once again using a red dead style to hunt but you have to eat also have a bar to show hunger like in the metal gear series. and water also (have negative effects for not eating much or drinking, make sure your water bar is smaller for you cant last as long not drinking as you can not eating). Then the next thing would be day and night, Id suggest 45 minutes to and hour for a full day. At night have a "pause" where you see the anthem get played and can look up to see who has died. For parachutes just make it like an achievement system, the harder it is to achieve something the greater the prize. Such as last 5 days get some food, or kill 6 people receive your most powerful weapon. This goes on till there's one winner after that the game is over. Then the next year you can do it again, become a tribute for a different district or the same if you want. If you die then you lost that hunger game and the next one you play will be the next one. At this case The second hunger games. At every quarter Qualle have something special just like in the books, not necessarily those things but something. Also the last thing would be online, make it just like carrier but with real people online here you can make alliances, or stab people in the back even, take shifts sleeping whatever... Just a concept but would be more than happy if this became a real game. LAST THING IS FOR SURE NEVER MAKE A STORY LINE LIKE IN THE MOVIE IT DOESNT WORK WELL THAT WAY.

    I just wrote this, then read your thread and follows the same concept.
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    long reply to read.. so i am skipping it.
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