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    AC:R Multiplayer Spawning is Broken

    I cant remember how many times I have raged at the first 10 seconds of a multiplayer match when one of two things happen: 1. You spawn by your pursuer(s) or 2. You spawn by your target, or maybe even both! So you either get a first blood kill which is only an extra 50 points, or you get slapped. So you either slap your pursuer, or you get murdered horriby because you just spawned and dont know what the hell is happening. This just seems so wrong in my mind. Ubisoft has done absolutely nothing to enhance or fix problems in multiplayer. You may argue that they have but lets be honest here, they really havnt. Hey, I get that they're preoccupied with the upcoming AC3 launch, but that doesnt justify ignoring problems that many people are having. I just wanted to put this out there for people to see and hopefully get some feedback. Maybe Ubisoft is paying attention? Maybe. Probably not, but we can hope.
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    hi and welcome to the forums! i believe issue has been raised recently... please post in one of the existing threads, or in the bugs and issues thread. thanks.
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