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    I kind of wish that this Ghost Recon would be way more focused on cooperative play instead of competitive.
    Yeah, PvP is nice but it gets tiresome from all the competing.
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    Originally Posted by AI.BLUEFOX Go to original post
    To be fair he's not trying to sell you his house. If he was and wouldn't show you a video, then you might get suspicious.

    Ubishaft are still trying to shift units on pre-orders - mainly to the multiplayer crowd as it gets you the demo - but not showing you much of what you'll get.

    exactly. some people are blind fanboys.
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    I to am slightly worried with the lack of multiplayer news/videos, we've all waited patiently for long enough, it's now time to show us the goods (in depth). I mean c'mon ppl, Ubi never even properly announced the game switched to 6v6 (a major change) how could they not fully report this?

    Oh and to all you "play the beta" crowd, I can't!!! Being from the UK, we have no Pre order beta code offers and I don't game on the Xbox, although I'm a PS+ member I still won't get in the beta because thats only for U.S PS+ members!!!

    So considering I won't be playing the beta I would like lots of news and videos to keep my interest up. That said the SP/Co op looks amazing,now the bases are loaded and all they need to do is hit the home run with the MP.
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    Originally Posted by droseisMVP Go to original post
    honestly, what a joke ubisoft. we have been patient, and i am now convinced that this games multiplayer will SUCK.

    switching to max payne 3 i suppose...
    ok bye bye.
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