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    [POLL] change the Wave summary

    I have seen a few people complaining about the wave summary page on Guerrilla Mode. so i made one post for which Ubisoft can notice
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    Yup, this is a must. Summary after every wave kills the action,kills the excitement. Do it after a boss wave so than you can catch your breathe.

    Look at how gears 3 did it. Works perfectly
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    Half way and at the end of every 10 waves. 2 summaries out of 10 waves wouldn't be too intrusive. Plus like I mentioned before, once is gets into the 30s and 40s I'm sure that half way break will be a welcome reprieve.
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    I voted yes simply because I don't feel the summaries are even really DOING anything. Does it really give any relevant or useful information? Not from what I can see...I also REALLY wish they'd fix that dang HUD. Move some of that crap to the lower parts of the screen (or heck, REMOVE IT) so there's no risk of a BS kill because you couldn't see the enemy because your HUD was in the way.
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    I will not cast my vote until you can fix your question and/or responses. Many here, and I guess myself are considering a wave summary to appear per 10th wave (or after each boss wave). I brought up a suggestion earlier of considering summary per 5th wave for one's sake of progress but many here prefer on 10th waves so I will agree to 10th waves as well.

    So, as responses you should have:

    a) Fix wave summary to appear each 10th wave.
    b) Fix wave summary to appear each 5th wave.
    c) No wave summary until completion of final wave or loss in Guerilla Mode
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    i'd rather not see a summary until I die or win. I dont need a reminder after every round/wave telling me which of my team got the most kills, its meant to be a team effort
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    This is important. It needs a bump.
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