got the replies from UBIsoft and yes I can't believe they have lost my save games!!

I love the might and magic series, I've played it since darkside of xeen until now. i admit this game (and previous series) has been buggy, but i still love this game and can live with the odd bugs here and there. but bugs is one thing, losing my save games is completely ridculous and irresponsible! i really want to know who came up with the idea of conflux and storing your single player save games with UBI's server...that guy should be fired!

and the other annoying thing is they said that i can find my single player save game in the following folder:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegame_storage\<random words>\44

BUT I CAN'T ACCESS THEM!!! my HOMM6 game just wouldn't read it (i don't know how to force it to read it...anyone got any ideas?). I also ask the tech guy if I can send them these save files and he can put it into their server for me but no he said he can't do that (not sure if he has the authority to do it or not.).

so I've spent over 20 hours on the single player campaign which I can't get back. (I am only about mid way through the campaign). and i don't think i have another 20 hours to spend to replay it all again.

So to UBIsoft: Although I really want to promise you that I will never buy your next M&M game again but I can't guarantee that myself because I do like this series. But I do want you to know that conflux has wasted so many people's time and effort that you really have build up a big group of unhappy customers where they are unlikely to be a returning customer in the future. And my opinion on conflux, it really isn't worth developing and including it in your future products. If you insist on including conflux in the future game please make sure the player's experience isn't compromised and that save games can be stored locally so they don't get deleted by your below-standard servers.

I never bought a game that I am so annoyed about that I want to complain about and ask for a refund. This is certainly the first time. For you information whilst my save games has been lost I went and played duke nukem forever which I found much more enjoyable as an experience that homm6.

thanks for listening