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    What happened to Local 4 player co-op?

    As much as I have been waiting for this game I was disappointed to hear the campaign does not feature local co-op and there is spilt screen online play either.

    GRAW 1 and 2 actually came out before MW1. If you look at the features actually available in GRAW 2, you will find that it has far many features and game modes that Black Ops or MW3. I just discovered a month ago that GRAW2 has what COD calls "hardcore domination" WITH BOTS!! 8 vs 8. 4 player splitscreen online or off hardcore domination! SERIOUSLY!! how can you not like that. AND you can set it to where there is 1, 3, or 5 zones to cap!! That is just one of the 8-10 FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE modes in GRAW2.

    GRAW 2
    Single Player Campaign
    4 player split screen on or offline for every game mode but campaign
    16 player co-op missions (territory, firefight, defend, recon) fully customizable.
    16 player vs (territory, firefight, defend, recon, BATTLE AKA DOMINATION!!)

    Now look at what we have it GRFS 4 player co-op campaign (only only) mulitplayer (1 player per console) Guerilla 4 player (no match making, 2 per console)

    HOW IS THIS A STEP UP!!!!?????
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    Because games cant handle having 4 players on the same console. As i remember in graw if you were playing 4 player local you lose the 3rd person view. Gears of war 3 is 4 player co-op campaign but if you wanna do it locally it can only be done with 2, same with local mp. Cod can be done with 4 player local no bots.

    I guess the story is some games can handle having 4 players on the same console but a lot of games cant.

    Another example i can think of is borderlands which is a great 4 player coop. Problem is max is 2 on one console.

    Anyways i think most people would agree 2 on one console is probably best because of screen size issues.
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    Yes but we can even have 2 player local co-op for campaign.

    We can't have 2 player split screen multiplayer.

    This game had almost 2 years worth of delays and this is all we get?????

    This is not the Ghost Recon that will dethrone COD im afraid.....I will still probably get it but I am jsut sad to see them strip so much content from the game. it feels like Ninja Gaiden 3 all over again.
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    The reason the shooter genre is dying is BECAUSE every game is trying to dethrone CoD.

    COD does everything, but does almost nothing well. If you make a good game, you can't do what COD does because COD is made with all these options in mind... it's why the maps are so small, why they won't change the engine, why they won't make anything bigger or more detailed.

    While I would love to see coop for more than 4 people, I would rather play on my own than have the game degraded just to do what CoD does. COD killed over HALF of my favorite franchises because they all wanted in on that shooter crowd. Look at the AI, look at the engine, look at what's at play in GRFS... I'm sorry you are disappointed, but I'd rather see a franchise crash and burn by doing thing for the series they thought were being inputted for the good of the gameplay than the alternative.
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    GRFS is on right now on webcast w/ FragDolls.
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    Originally Posted by TightNinja1 Go to original post
    We can't have 2 player split screen multiplayer.
    Are you sure about that?
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    They did confirm 2 player split-screen is available in both the coop and multiplayer gametypes. Having more than 2 players on a single console would cause a whole lot of lag and the game relies on HUD that is found on the maps themselves (AR) so the screen may be too small with 4 players
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    While I would love to see coop for more than 4 people, I would rather play on my own than have the game degraded just to do what CoD does.

    COD doesn't have 4 player split screen for co-op and multiplayer that is something GHOST RECON has had since XBOX.

    I understand the graphics enhancement may not allow for 4 playersplit screen but 2 player split is a must. COD did not start split screen gaming, nor did they start split screen online gaming
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    Do realize that much of the visual affects would be lost in split screen.
    Unless if you've got an eye of an eagle that can read really small stuff on the 'augmented reality' system they implemented, then the lack of split screen makes perfect sense.
    Having the split-screen guerrilla mode is probably pushing it enough, but at least you don't need as many visual indicators in guerrilla just to take out a certain number of bots.
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