What a cluster it is to get going with this Beta. I would think that for a large company, such as Ubi, that this process would be streamlined and easy to execute, but I have had nothing but problems getting this to work.

First, as many of you have seen in the forums, when I received my Beta key I was having difficulty finding where to input it. Eventually I found a remedy to this problem, and it goes something like this... I needed to log out from the webpage that I was directed to via the welcome email. Then when I logged back in I was finally prompted to enter my Beta key.

Secondly, if you move from one tab to another it erases all the portions of key you may have entered. For example if I entered the first 8 digits, then switched tabs to my email to get the remaining digits, the first 8 were erased. I know it is possible to copy and paste, but after having difficulties and searching the forums many suggested manually entering in the key along with the dashes(-). This really is a minor inconvenience, but again I stress that I expected better from Ubi.

Thirdly, their captcha system is probably the worst I have ever seen. it is so difficult to read the scrambled words. This also is a minor inconvenience, yet while I was having difficulties I was required about 12 times to enter the captcha's and I seriously almost gave up on the whole process based on this alone.

Fourthly, for whatever reason the system is designed in a way that if you enter the wrong password you are forced into a captcha screen( see above), but it will no longer accept your password. Therefore, you must click on the forgot password link and wait for an email, which in my case took approximately 25 minutes to arrive! I reset my password, but again for whatever reason the system would not accept my password. After several resets, and multiple captcha debacles I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to reset my password( 4th time) and then close out my browser completely, only then did accept my new password.

Fifthly, After jumping through all of these hoops, I enter my Beta key and I get an error message that it is invalid or previously used...sigh. Fortunately, support was extremely prompt at resupplying me with a new key.

Finally I was able to proceed.... Joy! Right? Wrong! Past 10pm PST

It is a Beta, so I understand that things in the game will not all work correctly, but the process of logging on and redeeming my Beta key was agonizing, and that I expected to run rather flawlessly. Hopefully things will go much smoother on tomorrow, I am still looking forward to this Beta. Also I hope others can benefit from my labors.