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    Ubi created a new genre?

    Corridore adventure?
    Because this game is no good.. it's stiff like crazy, unresponsive controls, waypoints and shiny stuff showing you were to go and what to open.
    You can't jump unless the game allows you to, no exploring whatso ever unless your counting going around in tiny places or inside a house, repetitive enemy encounters.

    I'm okay with the graphics, it's no Uncharted, Assassins creed, BF3 graphics.. i can deal with that, it's the rest i can't deal with.

    But thanks for releasing a trial/demo.. that way i saved money.

    You could have done something ordinary and fresh.. instead you made a ... corridore adventure/explorer game with absolutly no replay value.
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    dude they tried give them a break. they might punch us in the face with a total dead end or grace us with a DLC with everything u want because if u read about wat they wanted to do with the game it was **** cool. i love it now even but i wish they made it a full 60 game
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