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    AC1 - Jerusalem MB 6 - Informer Assassination Challenge

    Up to this point in the game, I've successfully completed every mission in every area, save for the flag collection quests which seem incredibly tedious and don't count towards any particular memory block.

    But I'm finding this particular challenge so frustrating that it's keeping me from progressing in the game, because I just get frustrated and walk away for several days before wanting to attempt it again, and then proceed to try again, get frustrated again, and wait another few days before trying.

    Here's the scenario. There are 5 assassination targets. I have to stealth kill all 5 of them within 5 minutes, and I can't be detected even once. I was having difficulty with a similar mission in Acre, but it was easier to deal with that one because there were only 3 targets, and I eventually figured out what order to kill them in order to avoid detection. The Acre targets had short paths and were fairly easy to kill in secluded areas, especially if you kill them all in the correct order.

    These new Jerusalem targets are insane, because it seems like I have less time to kill more enemies. Also, they have longer paths and it's harder to predict where they're going to be. I don't really have time to wait around for them to be in the right spot. Also, there are way too many lunatics around that seem to enjoy tossing me right into those roving 6-pack guards who become aggressive at the drop of a hat.

    I just can't figure out how to solve this mission at all, it seems like it's a lot more difficult than it should be. I'm almost ready to just give up on this mission and go straight for the Assassination, as I've done all the other missions in this area. It just seems like a real shame to have completed all the others up to this point, only to have it ruined now by this one mission.
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    Well you don't actually need to do all missions to do the assasination mission (only thing i didn't like about AC1 is that you don't actually need to do anything after you get health capped).
    Also, are you killing them using your hidden blade right?. I don't see any other strategy other than that, was very easy for me.
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    Avoid the mentally disturbed and run after your targets. Don't wait for them at a particular spot, that's a mistake I too made the first time. Use Eagle Vision to find them in the crowd.
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    You will need a bit of luck to pull that one off -- you don't have time to wait too long for a kill and if they are too close to other guards you will be spotted. Once you get a feel for the paths they walk, it shouldn't be too hard to get them all.
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    You only have 1 minute for each target. Using the rooftops is the safest method for most of them. Just stalk your targets from above and use throwing knives to dispatch them while making sure no guards spot you.
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